Neurological pathologies

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Neurological pathologies by Mind Map: Neurological pathologies

1. Muscle Trophism : Muscular trophism studies how nutrition and maintenance of muscle health occurs, which is directly linked to the blood supply to the muscle and the practice of physical exercises. Muscle trophism is also studied gain or loss of strength and muscle tone.

2. Vertigo: It is the unreal sense of displacement of the objects around us. As if the environment revolved around us quickly, or we around it, and we would fall at any time.

3. PC : It is a motor development disorder, chronic and non-progressive, secondary to a brain injury, usually produced during intrauterine growth, but may also occur at the time of delivery (due to lack of oxygen during the period of Expulsion, for example), or during the first two years of the baby's life, while his brain is still developing (traumatisms, infections.)

4. Disdiadococinesia : is the ability to make alternating movements quickly

5. Analgesia: means there is no pain, but this does not mean that Aya motive absence

6. Bradykinesia: is the slowing of complex voluntary bodily movements and speech.

7. Dystonia: It is the alteration of the tone

8. Stupor: It is the alteration of consciousness, it is a state of complete depression of wakefulness, of which the patient can be awakened but only with intense stimuli.

9. Athetosis: It is one of the disorders of the movement, which is developed by an affectation in the nervous system, these are repetitive involuntary movements.

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