Victorian Age

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Victorian Age by Mind Map: Victorian Age

1. Stamp Newspaper Public electric lighting Invention of the telephone Invention of cinema (France, Lumiere brothers)

2. increasing turn towards romanticism and mysticism.

3. The main political parties were the Whigs, the Conservatives and the Labour Party.

4. Great Exhibition of 1851

4.1. Housed in the Crystal Palace

4.2. Goods coming from all over the Empire were exhibited

4.3. Invention of the railway, electricity, photograph and the Penny Post 

5. Poor people lived in the slums

5.1. They were characterized by squalor, illnesses and crimes

5.2. atmosphere was polluted

5.3. the Government promoted a campaign against national ill health

6. Novels became the most popular form of literature.

6.1. Main source of entertainment for the middle-classes

6.2. They published their works in installments in literary periodicals

6.2.1. It created expectation in readers

6.3. They denounced the injustices and unfairness of society

6.4. The authors analyzed the psychology of the characters

6.5. Many novels were written by women

6.5.1. They used a pseudonym in order to see their works in print

6.6. The narrator erected a rigid barrier between right and wrong

6.7. The setting was the city

6.8. The plot was long and complicated

6.9. tha main theme was beauty (for example "The picture of Dorian Gray")

7. abolition of the slave trade and of slavery from the British Empire.

7.1. change of the coloniser's mission who has to educate the native population

7.1.1. 'white man's burden'

8. England changed from a rural, agricultural country to an urban, industrialised one.

9. family

9.1. hypocrisy

9.2. patriarchal unit

9.3. men represented the authority

9.4. importance of the bible

9.5. Greed for material success

9.6. Moral teaching in art

10. It began in 1837 and ended with Queen Victoria's death in 1901

11. crime and violence

11.1. prison act from 1865 to 1877

11.1.1. prisons under Government control

11.1.2. new police forces

11.2. the most common crime was garrotting

11.3. domestic violence tended to be committed in the private sphere of the home

11.4. criminals were considered

11.4.1. from the lowest class

11.4.2. at the end of this period they were considered people who suffered from behavioural abnormality

12.  Factory act of 1847

12.1. It restricted the working hours to 10 hours per day.

13. Darwin

13.1. "On the origin of species" published in 1859

13.1.1. he talks about natural selection H. Spencer applied this theory to social life.

13.1.2. first detachment from the bible

14. universal suffrage for men.

15. society

15.1. aristocracy

15.2. working-class

15.3. middle class

16. New aesthetic theories

16.1. it began in France with T.Gautier in the last decades of the 19th century

16.1.1. "Art for Art's sake"

16.2. birth of the bohemien

16.2.1. sloppy artist

17. inventions

18. Queen Victoria

18.1. Victoria became queen at the age of 18

18.2. Her reign was the second longest in British history

18.3. in 1840 she married a German prince, Albert of Saxe-Coburg

19. imperialism

19.1. The british empire was another reason for the sense of unity and stability (British Empire included Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya, and India.)

20. Marx published the communist manifesto (1849)