Reflective Practice

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Reflective Practice by Mind Map: Reflective Practice

1. Personal

1.1. Self-evaluation: micro-teaching - short sessions, mini-lessons. Record -> Watch -> Note-taking -> Analyze -> Learn -> Modify

1.2. Journaling: express feelings, write thoughts/ideas, share experiences and events

1.2.1. Video-analysis: new perspective on teaching practice through audio/visual.

2. Collaborative

2.1. Peer-observation: learning from colleagues; mutual support; helps improve effectiveness

2.2. Feedback session: after a peer-evaluation; provides valuable insights; identifies areas to improve

2.2.1. Idea-sharing: discuss strategies; share information; plan curriculum, activities, projects.

3. In the Classroom

3.1. Differentiation: adapt to various learning styles; adjust to skills and abilities.

3.2. Student-centered learning: encourage student ideas; teach to student interests; be open-minded; learn through hands on experience.

4. School-wide

4.1. Surveys/Interviews: to gain student and parent feedback

4.2. Team meetings: address issues; meaningful discussion; leads to improved practices

4.3. Brainstorming: group-think; development of goals; centered around student needs

5. Professional Development

5.1. Portfolio: showcase achievements; provide evidence of skills/abilities; personal philosophies; documentation of growth

5.2. PD Training: to learn new skills; gain valuable information; become certified