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1. Directive Bureau

1.1. President

1.1.1. The only that can put warnings

1.1.2. The only that can open the session

1.2. Vicepresident

1.2.1. Authority only if AS and President are absent

1.3. Activities

1.3.1. MOTA

1.3.2. Ushers management

1.3.3. Moderator

1.3.4. Everyone will do everything

2. Protocol

2.1. Open the Floor

2.1.1. Delegates, the floor is open, Is there any point or motion in the floor? Open Session Election for Topic Speakers List Yield Time Simple Caucus Work in the possible working paper Moderated Caucus Points Point of Order Point of Information Point of Parliamentary Inquiry Point of Personal Privilege Voting 50% + 1 Extraordinary Session of Questions Maximum 5 questions Can make a preamble Rights Right for Reply Right for Veto Right for Amendment Right for Explanation Working Paper Possible Working Paper Official Working Paper 10 points Resolution Paper Possible Resolution Paper 15 proposals Official Resolution Paper Warnings Forbidden words Undiplomatic posture Eye and Direct contact Talking in First Person Denied an accepted question Using electronic devices without permission Violation to the clothing code War State 40 minutes Against of other delegation Moderated Caucus Simple Caucus Amnesty Incomplete Introduce Amnesty Voting Pass two or three delegations to read it 5 points Close Session