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GDC Brainstorming by Mind Map: GDC Brainstorming

1. Graphics:

1.1. Pixel art is a great idea but might be harder as I am not as good with mouse control and illustrations on computers.

1.2. Sketches might be good too!! I can sketch out my avatars and then take pictures of them. Next, I can transfer them into an editing app on my computer (Photoshop on my computer is broken )

2. Setting:

2.1. The Future--> I can make it so that the technology is needed in order to turn the land happy again It will be very electronic and futuristic.

2.2. Fantasy Era--> I can possibly use magic and tie it into the game. Some of the obstacles in the game can be controlled by magic and sorcery.

3. Plot:

3.1. Climax #1

3.1.1. The enemies attack the main character with his greatest fear. Main character must over come the challenge.

3.2. Climax #2

3.2.1. The enemies hold the main character's family captive and threaten their lives. The main character must complete a hard "special" phase in the game to save the family's lives

4. Story:

4.1. Story #1

4.1.1. A little boy goes on a quest to return all the hope and peace to a land. He goes through many obstacles and evolves his personality as he goes through. Story game (multiple choice; choose which path you want) Platform game (dodge all the obstacles as you proceed into the game)

4.2. Story #2

4.2.1. A little boy goes on a quest to find an antidote for his family's illness. The antidote belongs to the enemy and he is on a quest to get it. Platform game (dodge all the enemies and get to the end of the game for the antidote. Make your own (make the antidote by yourself with clues given from the enemy. In addition, you are under a time limit as once the time is up, the enemy takes what you have done.

5. Sounds:

5.1. Suspense

5.1.1. As character progresses through out the story, the background music will become more and more suspenseful

5.1.2. When obstacles are coming the character's way, the music might slowly become louder and more forceful.

5.2. Sound Effects

5.2.1. When the character passes through a stage, they will enter a "portal" which transports them to the next stage of the game. Sound effects may be used to show the opening of the doors (portals).

5.2.2. When character looses a life, they may make a sad sound or a descending sound (Wha- Wha- Whaaaaaa). Free Sound Effects | (possible "free" sound effects link) Royalty-Free Sound Effects - Storyblocks Audio

5.2.3. If character succeeds in a phase of the game, a hooray or applauding effect should come up.

6. Characters:

6.1. Main Character-->

6.1.1. Reason to go on a Quest - Sad Back History - Parental Persuasion

6.1.2. Male Character Evolves to a more confident person as story progresses

6.1.3. Final Obstacle helps main character face his fears.

6.1.4. Only 3 lives

6.2. Obstacle Causers

6.2.1. Terrible back history Seek revenge from land Huge enemies with main character's family Wants death and all hope to be lost Knows all about main character (maybe more than main character knows about himself) ;)

6.2.2. Has many followers Sticky lava swamp Main character must avoid touching the swamp or else one of their lives will be removed Radio Wave Screen Sheilds Flashing colors on the screen and the main character can only pass with one color (tbd)

6.3. Main Character's Family

6.3.1. Possible source of persuasion Family may talk about their previous attempts to restore the land but had failed. Son must try and complete their mission. Family may introduce their bad history with the enemies in the game. Possibly the old rulers of the land. Enemies had taken over the land and they want their land back.