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Essay by Mind Map: Essay

1. The most important people in my life

1.1. My dad

1.1.1. intelligent he has her own bussiness

1.1.2. lovely with me he's always telling me that he loves me

1.1.3. always working for a better future he is always looking for work opportunities

1.2. My mom

1.2.1. excellent mother she's always woring and caring for us

1.2.2. hard working person she's aways working and active person

1.2.3. responsible

1.3. My siblings

1.3.1. I can count on them they help me in any circumstances

1.3.2. talk about my problems when I need to talk with someone they are there for me

1.3.3. I spend fun moments during vacations

1.4. Conclusion

1.4.1. In my life these peersons are the most important in my life, and without them I can be happy.

2. Types of transportation

2.1. Aireplane

2.1.1. you get faster to your destination

2.1.2. eventhough is expensive

2.1.3. seccure

2.2. Car

2.2.1. you can transport wherever you what you don't depend of others

2.2.2. privacity

2.2.3. cheaper

2.3. Boat

2.3.1. you spend a lot on time aboard

2.3.2. cheaper to transport products better for companies

2.3.3. is useful for turists

2.4. conclusion

2.4.1. Every person will choose the bets mean of transportation acording to their necesities

3. English vs. Spanish

3.1. English

3.1.1. is a powerful tool in the future

3.1.2. nowadays in this century everyshool teaches english

3.1.3. helps you to succed in bussiness

3.2. Spanish

3.2.1. dificult to learn

3.2.2. different grammar rules

3.2.3. dificult to teach

3.3. conclusion

3.3.1. we are in constant comunication

3.3.2. both are powerful tools

3.3.3. both help you in diferent ways