7 Dimensions of Health

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7 Dimensions of Health by Mind Map: 7 Dimensions of Health

1. Social

1.1. relating and connecting to others

1.1.1. willingness to participate and contribute

2. Emotional

2.1. understand self and others

2.1.1. autonomous self expression can see out help

3. Environmental

3.1. willingness to protect and maintain

3.1.1. recycling, product selection, energy conservation home, community, planet

4. Spiritual

4.1. awareness of personal values and beliefs

4.1.1. awareness of others values and beliefs meaning and purpose in human existence connection to higher power or belief system (meditation, prayer, spiritual practices)

5. Intellectual

5.1. pursuit of lifelong learning

5.1.1. critical thinking, skills, abilities self directed group interactions, community betterment

6. Occupational

6.1. fulfillment in careers choice to maintain balance in life

6.1.1. contributions that lead to positive impact to society as a whole expression of personal values to community

7. Physical

7.1. pursuit of active lifestyle

7.1.1. nutrition, activity, performance, health healthy habits (routines)