Conflicts aren´t convenient.

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Conflicts aren´t convenient. by Mind Map: Conflicts aren´t convenient.

1. Why do people have conflicts?.

1.1. This is a question that all people have at the moment when they finished a conflict or a discussion.

1.1.1. People generate conflicts with anything that you want, for example: school, books, controversial topics, personal problems, etc. New node

1.1.2. School My friend and me started fighting, because what is the best school, Tec or UVM

1.1.3. Controversial Topics Drugs, abortion, etc.

1.1.4. Books One they my best friend and me started s fight because we learn something different from the same book.

2. The most important conflict that people have are their problems.

2.1. That is because it is what you exactly doesn´t want or what you like. You know yourself and that is very important.

2.1.1. One other problem that you feel guilty about yourself is when you fight with you mom or one of your family.

2.1.2. Depressed You are getting in a very hard stage.

3. Trying to solve the problem

3.1. As I said in the first paragraph, when the people finished a discussion, they regurarly think in the question and try to answer by solving the problem.

3.1.1. And then you try to talk with he/she and try to get your and her/him differences.

4. The problem it is solve

4.1. Then when you get your goal finished, if he/she doesn´t want to be your friend or not, you feel comfortable with yourself.

4.1.1. Only take care about the consequences that mekes you finished that conflict.

5. As a conclusion

5.1. Don´t get in conflicts with simple things, reflex what you are doing and you will have a relaxed life.