A Grade 4 Social Studies Classroom

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A Grade 4 Social Studies Classroom by Mind Map: A Grade 4 Social Studies Classroom

1. Challenging

1.1. The Grade 4 students had an opportunity to work productively with others. The project required students to cooperate and communicate to come up with a finished product. The root of the lesson designed by the teacher had strong elements of collaboration.

2. Integrative

2.1. This particular Social Studies activity allowed the teacher to integrate many disciplines of Social Studies as well as other key subject matters. Aspects of history and physical geography were researched during the project. Students also worked on Language Arts fundamentals (reading/writing), and got valuable social interaction opportunities (presenting, discussing, etc)

3. Meaningful

3.1. The students were engaged in rich, meaningful activities that were relevent in terms of curriculum expectations, but also useful outside the classroom in the real world. By discovery through research, students could gain vital inquiry skills that were useful in solving a specific problem or case study.

4. Integrative

4.1. Important technology applications like computers and video recorders allowed students to present their information in a trending, 21st century reality. Implementing technology will allow the students to keep up to date in a technologically driven society, and gave opportunities to students of all economic status to experience these new devices.

5. Active

5.1. Students were highly active in terms of the construction of their projects, but also in the brainstorming process. The Grade 4's had to have their "hands on and minds on" as they worked through their assigned cases in order to demonstrate their knowledge and information on their specific topics

6. Value-Based

6.1. Students were asked to use their critical thinking skills to examine important missions that were of historical significance. They were asked to analyze what happened, but also if what happened was right or fair.

7. Active

7.1. The Grade 4 teacher displayed the effectiveness of capturing "teachable moments" in regards to equality or fairness. Although this was not a direct outcome being addressed, he felt like it was a good idea to have a discussion after a student made a comment about it. Having teachble moments can be in itself a opportunistic learning situation, and the teacher was able to demonstrate this effectively.