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Cloud Services by Mind Map: Cloud Services

1. AWS

1.1. Powering customer innovation

2. Google Cloud

2.1. One cloud, endless possibilities

2.2. build smarter, build faster

3. Microsoft Azure

3.1. Your vision, your cloud

4. SAP

4.1. The best run business make the world run better

5. Oracle

5.1. Your tomorrow, today

5.2. -

5.2.1. Born 2 May 1947 (71yrs), Cromer, Norfolk. Went to boarding school (Gresham). His dad died of cancer at this time. Studied Design at Royal College of Art, specialising furniture and interior design. 1966-1970 Moved to study engineering Married with 3 children

6. IBM

7. Workday

7.1. Rising: go further together

8. Sales Force?