Cirulatory System.

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Cirulatory System. by Mind Map: Cirulatory System.

1. Function: Transport oxygen and nutrients to all the body

2. The Heart

2.1. The atrium (upper chamber) recieves blood from the body, the ventricle (lower chamber) pumps blood out from the heart.

2.2. It pumps blood through the circulatory system.

3. Blood vessels

3.1. Arteries: Carry blood from the hearth to the tissues.

3.2. Capillaries: Diffuse the oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and puts co2 to the blood.

3.3. Veins: Blood returns to the heart by the veins.

4. Blood

4.1. Plasma: Plasma is 90% water and 10% disolved gases, nutrients and other important compounds

4.2. Red blood cells: Red blood cells transports oxygen.

4.3. White blood cells:White blood cells attack bacteria and guard against infections.

4.4. Blood Clotting: Blood clitting is possible by plasma and platelets.

5. Diseases

5.1. Stroke

5.2. Heart Disease

5.3. High Blood presure

6. Related system: Lympahtic system

6.1. Network of vessels, nodes and organd that collects the lymph that leaves capillaries, screens it and returns it to the circulatory system