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1. definition

2. realities at present

3. current and professional issues and trends

4. needs assessment

4.1. health related needs

4.2. educationally related needs

5. purpose

5.1. data and infomation

5.2. respond to social realities

5.3. change through curriculum development

5.4. test ideas against reaalities

5.5. reality based curriculum

6. determinants

6.1. community

6.1.1. values

6.1.2. issues

6.1.3. needs

6.1.4. demands

6.1.5. social and cultural realities

6.2. subject discipline

6.2.1. didactic demands

6.2.2. nature of subject

6.2.3. latest tendencies

6.2.4. intellectual demands on students

6.2.5. potential of each discipline to develop health sciences professionals

6.3. learner

6.3.1. needs learning styles

6.3.2. demands

6.3.3. nature e.g educational background

6.3.4. porspective students

6.3.5. current students

7. sources of data

7.1. document analysis

7.2. asking people directly

7.2.1. questionnaires

7.2.2. interviews

7.3. public forum and brainstorming sessions

7.4. observation

8. required data and information

8.1. external factors

8.1.1. community issues constitutional social and politico economic ideologies authorities responsible for health educational strucures health sciences education relations statutory educational legislation and policies healthcare legislation and policies healthcare delivery structures statutory control political political forces people with influence

8.1.2. learner issues general economic international trends economic realities healthcare economics human resources educational professional demographic population patterns healthcare trends

8.1.3. subject discipline academic development technological development international technological advances national technological advances

8.2. internal

8.2.1. educational ethos vision mission philosophy educational program educational activities

8.2.2. learner issues learner profile learner needs past and current academic achievements and failures

8.2.3. resources material clinical facilities human teaching saff

8.2.4. existing curriculum

8.3. stakeholders

9. interpreting the findings

9.1. SWOT analysis

9.1.1. strenth availability of suitably qualified staff

9.1.2. weakness unavailability of technology

9.1.3. opportunities changing health care needs

9.1.4. threats emigrating highly qualified staff

10. outcome

10.1. recommendations

10.1.1. extent of curriculum change

10.1.2. new curriculum

10.1.3. updating of existing curriculum