Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property by Mind Map: Intellectual Property

1. Copyright

1.1. Work in your own words

1.2. Quote words taken from other people or it would be considered plagiarism

1.3. Protects woks/words made by others but not ideas

1.4. Duration of copyright does not last for forever.... about 50-100 years after the person dies

1.5. Once you post something that is your own work, it is copyrighted

1.6. Symbol for copyright is the letter “c” inside of a circle

1.7. “A person’s exclusive right to reproduce, publish, or sell his/her work...” (dictionary definition)

1.8. Main goal of copyright laws is to protect someone’s work from getting stolen

2. Fair Use

2.1. Only valid for parts of someone's work can be used without asking for permission

2.2. If it follows the rules of fair use, any copyrighted material may be used.

2.3. If it follows the rules of fair use, you do not need any permission to use part of the work

2.4. Limitation to copyright that helps the viewer/worker and the original creator

2.5. According to Wikipedia, fair use can include, "include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, and scholarship."

3. Public Domain

3.1. Work under public domain is not part of copyright

3.2. causes of copyrighted material being taken off copyright could be that the copyright on the material could be expired.

3.3. it is possible for work to be copyrighted in one area and public domain in another

3.4. Individual images are okay to copy

3.5. Everything posted in 1923 now has an expired copyright