Translation level

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Translation level by Mind Map: Translation level

1. need to supplement the linguistic level , the text level with the referential level, the factual level with additional information from this level of reality in some cases of

1.1. when having an ambiguity

1.2. what is it about

1.3. when writing is abstract or figurative

1.4. when the text is unclear

2. The textual level

2.1. Based on the text

2.1.1. level of the literal translation of the SL into the TL

2.1.2. the level of the translationese you have to eliminate

2.2. Transpose SL grammar into their "ready" TL equivelents

3. The referential level

3.1. Analyze the text

3.1.1. what is it in aid for

3.1.2. what is the writer's slant on it,...

4. The cohesive level

4.1. Follow the structure and the moods of the text

4.1.1. Structure: Connective word : conjunctions, enumeration, reiterations, definite articles, general word, referential synonyms, punctuation marks Linking the sentence, from known information to new information

4.1.2. Mood Moving between positive and negative emotion and neutral

5. The level of Naturalness

5.1. Ensure

5.1.1. Translation makes sense

5.1.2. Reads naturally written in original language with common grammar

5.1.3. ask yourself some relative question

5.2. Tips for checking

5.2.1. note any suspicious word

5.2.2. check words and expression in an up-to-date dictionary