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Abstract by Mind Map: Abstract

1. Material Flow Distribution

2. This promotes efficiency

3. Increase consumer culture of making purchases.

4. While declining the popularity of spontaneous forms of commercialization.

5. By developing a mechanism of logistics and system cooperation

5.1. -Increase the effectiveness of system

5.2. -Help find balance

6. The two very important systems are

6.1. -Store is traditional

6.2. -Store is Online

7. The simulation of these systems are key

8. If the system is traditional it is very important to keep into mind that the location of the potential customer.

9. With this information you will be able to decide if its better to create a shopping center or fixed shopping.

10. The whole goal of this concept is to meet with the necessities of customers. While also gaining greatest profit.

11. Through creating studies of logistics and having accurate simulations.

12. This is done to be able to uncover new opportunities that is not only beneficial for the customer but also to the company.