Mesopotamia vs. United States

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Mesopotamia vs. United States by Mind Map: Mesopotamia vs. United States

1. Government

1.1. In the United States, we have a president and Congress. Every 4 years, we vote for a president. We vote for whoever me think will keep the country the most safe.

1.2. In Mesopotamia, Kings and Priests Were in charge. In Babylon, King Hammurabi was in charge. His laws were unfair and cruel. If you were caught ina robbery, you were forced to die.

2. Religion

2.1. The United States has mostly Monotheistic people. Monotheistic means that you only believ in one god.

2.2. The Mesopotamians were Polytheistic. Polytheistic means that you believed in many gods.

3. Language/ Writing

3.1. The United States mostly speak and write in English. Spanish is the second most used. We also read books to learn More English

3.2. In Mesopotamia, people communicated by Cuneiform,and only boys could use Cuneiform. When they write Cuneiform, they used clay tablets.

4. Social Classes

4.1. In the United States, we are separated by what job we have . For example, if you were a doctor or an actor, you would be more fortunate. If you were homeless, you would be less fourtunate. We are also Separated by how much money we have.

4.2. Mesopotamia is located in the continent of Asia. They used the Euphrates and Tigris river for water to drink and irrigate crops. They got food from irrigation and domestication.

5. Geography

5.1. The United States is located in the continent of North America. We get our food from farms or the grocery store. We get our water through plumbing.

5.2. Mesopotamia is located in the continent of Asia. Their water sources were the Euphrates river and Tigris river. They irrigated their crops using the river too. They get food from irrigating and domesticating animals.

6. Culture

6.1. The United States watch tv, and mainly use cell phones. We celebrate holiday like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. Men and women work in the community.

6.2. The Mesopotamians had religious ceremonies and festivals. They had epics like Gilgamesh.They enjoyed music, sports, and games.

7. Inventions/ Technology

7.1. The United States uses social media, cell phones, and watching tv. We created invention such as the fridge and the oven for cooking purposes.

7.2. The Mesopotamians invented the wheel, money, writing, and irrigation.