situational analysis

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situational analysis by Mind Map: situational analysis

1. determinants of curriculum

2. investigation

3. context

4. point of departure in curriculum design

5. analysis of determinants of particular situation and situation to be attained

6. conducted before curriculum developed

7. systematic scientific process

8. entails data collection on curriculum determinants

9. involves analysis of collected data

10. involves analysis of existing situations ans issues which influence the curriculum

11. involves analysis of projected issues and situations which influence curriculum implementation

12. entails making judgements about the context of the curriculum

13. conducted during exploratory stage

14. provide information and data uterlised by the curriculum committee to respond to social realities

15. enhance immediate and future relevance of curriculum

16. community,subject discipline and learner

17. values issues needs and demands of the community to be served by graduates

18. subject discipline refers to didactic demands of the curriculum

19. learners as determinants social cognition learning theory appropriate learning theory for the curriculum it underpins collaborative learning