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Collaboration by Mind Map: Collaboration

1. "shared understanding if what students know and can do"

2. Create programme of Inquiry

3. integrate learning from multiple perspectives ("co-constructed learning experiences")

4. 'connect subject-specific knowledge and approaches to learning

5. ("stand-alone learning experiences") authentic, relate to UOI, reflect elements of the Learner Profile, is conceptual and includes ATL

6. Includes year level and special- subject

7. Students at the center

7.1. create and moderate assessment

7.2. reflect on practice

7.3. provide support and feedback for teaching and learning

8. Necessary for transdisciplinary learning

8.1. “how the expertise and perspectives of individuals contributes to the fusion of knowledge and new discoveries.”

8.2. open to a variety of perspectives

8.3. respect for the contribution of other

8.4. teachers co-learn with students

8.5. learning community engaged in on-going reflection

9. planning process

9.1. Intentional and continual

9.2. collaboration key in all stages, planning, implementation and refelctiomn

9.3. "collaborate to integrate national, regional, and stat curriculums in ways that promote understanding of the transdisciplinary themes"

10. whole school vested in collaboration

10.1. within and beyond the school

10.2. students collaborate with teachers peer and community

11. time and commitment -ongoing and effective

11.1. regular and systematic

11.2. includes all teachers

11.3. respects student agency

11.4. room for meaningful dialogue

11.5. safe space for debate

11.6. Practice may come in different forms or ways of working

11.6.1. "teachers offer and present different perspectives and ideas that enrich the learning and teaching experience."

11.6.2. opportunities for further practice of skills, application or student action ("supported learning experiences")

11.7. considers perspective and experience of all

11.8. reflect on prior experience and goals

11.9. respects teacher agency


12.1. throughout planning and implementation

12.2. includes all member of the learning community