Ancient Mesopotamia vs modern USA

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Ancient Mesopotamia vs modern USA by Mind Map: Ancient Mesopotamia vs modern USA

1. Government

1.1. In Mesopotamia kings and priests were in charge the job for a king was passed down from generation of o generation but no girls could rule with priests you would go to scribe school and then later become a priest some laws they had to follow was all trades must have a witness no hitting and no lying

1.2. In America the president and government leaders are in charge. The preisindent is elected after a vote every four years but can only be in charge for a max of eight years. Some laws we have to abide by is Put seatbelts on no drinking under the age of twenty one and no sealing.

2. Religion

2.1. In mesopotamia most people were polytheistic meaning they believed in more than one god. They worshiped by putting offerings in the ziggurat for the gods. They prayed in the ziggurat and priests led the worship But also the priests were the doctors so if you or someone else was sick you would get a priest to treat you.

2.2. In America most people are monotheistic so they believe in one god. People worship by going to church praying or reading the holy book of their religion. People pray at home or in church. Finally the role of the pastor is to lead worship or do anything else that needs to be done in the church.

3. Geography

3.1. Imesopottamia was on the continent of Asia. People got the water they needed from the Euphrates river and the Tigris rivers that was around Mesopotamia. People got their food and water from farms or gardens they had and got meat from their animals.

3.2. America is located on the continent North America. People get their water from the plumbing in their home and get food from grocery stores but the food started on a farm that raises animals or grows crops

4. Social class

4.1. In Mesopotamia there was a social class and not everyone was equal the slaves had very little freedom and at the top kings and priests had the most freedom and power. Priests and kings were the richest and slaves or workers had the least

4.2. In America we are equal for the most part the president and government people have more power.the richest would be actors lawyers and doctors the poorest would be people without a job people who are also homeless and just random people.

5. Writing

5.1. In Mesopotamia writing started out as pictures that priests would use to track things but after a while it turned into cuneiform. The only people allowed to write were men who were in scribe school or were priest because there was no need for any women or anyone else to know how to write

5.2. In America we call our writing English. We use writing to write notes write stories and etc. everyone is allowed to write and everyone learns how to write.

6. Inventions

6.1. In modern America in my opinion the four most important inventions are phones the internet cars and other vehicles and WiFi.

6.2. In America I think the most important inventions are cars and other vehicles the internet WiFi and phones.

7. Culture

7.1. In Mesopotamia they entertained themselves by playing board games or watching sports like wrestling or boxing. For burials people would be covered in a rug or mat and for weddings the man would pour perfume on the brides head. Finally sports were both watched and played.

7.2. In America we entertain ourselves by watching tv playing games or playing sports. For burials we put the dead in coffins And have a morning time. For weddings a bride normally wears a white dress. Sports are also both played and watched.