local events integration

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Rocket clouds local events integration by Mind Map: local events integration

1. Tour chatbot recommendations

1.1. Input

1.1.1. hotels and stay nights pre-populated

1.1.2. Must go events

1.1.3. segments

1.1.4. prefer date

1.1.5. prefer food

1.2. Output

1.2.1. itinerary comes with map

1.2.2. easy to edit

1.2.3. auto checked & new suggestion based on my map

2. Cultural master

2.1. Articles for tour advise

2.2. Sharing economy - freelance local tour guide

2.3. Score for answering local events question and give a rewards for cultural master

3. Traveler bucket list

3.1. Where are the places I "must-go"

3.2. find the similar travellers and sharing the experience.

3.3. become a master by writing article or useful feedbacks

4. Itinerary planner

4.1. Plan my itinerary based on my bucket list and newly booked hotel info

4.2. Suggest events based on my current stays and plans

4.3. Suggest food nearby or friend nearby based on my itinerary

5. Marketplace

5.1. Allow event owner to published their event on booking events platform.

5.2. Users can rate share and comment the events on booking platform.

6. Smart recommendation

6.1. Suggest events based on the past history

6.2. Suggest events based on my categories (eg: single family or business trip?)

6.3. Suggest events based on what're in trend or events I might like