ERP - Production Planning, Manufacturing - (ycfoERP)

ERP - Production Planning

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ERP - Production Planning, Manufacturing - (ycfoERP) by Mind Map: ERP - Production Planning, Manufacturing - (ycfoERP)

1. ST-I01 Opening Stock

2. ST-O01 Inventory Out

3. ST-I02 Inventory In

4. PP - Production Planning, Manufacturing

4.1. PP02-Production Queue (Schedule Production for any production / Finished Good)

4.1.1. PP02-01 Production Version (Finished Goods received)

4.1.2. PP02-02 Production Packing Order

4.1.3. PP02-03 Production Version (The production version is the link between a product BOM (Bill of Material) and the process Routing)

4.2. PP-S01- Material Recipes (Formally structured list of the components that make up a product or assembly)

4.3. PP-S02 Work Center (Work center is an organization unit where manufacturing activities are performed)

4.4. PP-S03 Routing (A routing is a description of which operations or list of activities has to be carried out during the production and planning process.)

5. ST-01 Delivery Packing Sheet (Finished Good)

6. User Setup

6.1. US - 01 Roles

6.1.1. US - 02 Menu Assign Policy (Roles have custom list of menus)

6.2. US-03 User Management (Manage user, assign roles,assign store, change password, assign store, assign document approval, custom notification)

7. Item Setup

7.1. IS-01 Item Types (Finished Goods, Raw Material, General)

7.1.1. IS-02 Item Category/Sub Category

8. Purchase

8.1. PO-Purchase Order

8.1.1. ST-PI01 GRN Purchase Invoice Payment GRN Quality Control

8.2. Direct Purchase Invoice

8.2.1. Payment

9. Sales

9.1. Direct Sale Invoice

9.1.1. Reciept

9.2. Sale Order

9.2.1. Delivery Order Dispatch Sale Invoice

10. Accounts

10.1. Journal Voucher Entry

10.2. Chart Of Account

10.3. General Ledger

10.4. Bank Accounts Information

11. Office/Company Information

11.1. Stores Information

11.1.1. Store Types (Warehouse, Sale Center, Production)

12. Document Approval System Quality Control

13. Company Notifications, Documents Notifications,