Vionna Meijer

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Vionna Meijer by Mind Map: Vionna Meijer

1. Origin

1.1. Dutch

1.2. Born in Assen

1.3. Raised in Gieten

1.4. Currently living in Groningen

1.5. Lived in Mexico for 3 months when i was younger

1.6. Lived in Gasselte for 2 years (2-4 years old)

2. Hobbies

2.1. Photography

2.1.1. Nature

2.1.2. Portret

2.2. Traveling 2016 - 2018

2.2.1. Malta

2.2.2. Vietnam

2.2.3. Dubai

2.2.4. Thailand

2.2.5. Italy

2.2.6. Portugal

2.2.7. Germany

2.2.8. Belgium

2.2.9. UK

2.2.10. Czech Republic

2.3. I love cooking

2.3.1. Italian kitchen

2.3.2. Asian kitchen

2.3.3. Arab kitchen

2.4. Filming + Editing footage

2.4.1. I make aftermovies with the footage of my Go Pro

2.5. Snowboarding

2.5.1. I go on wintersport every year

2.6. I used to had my own horse for 8 years and did a lot of compiticions on a high level

2.6.1. It was to time consuming and that is why i quite

2.7. Diving

2.8. Climbing

2.8.1. Real rocks abroad

2.8.2. Kardinge, Groningen

3. Personal

3.1. I have a boyfriend since 2013

3.2. We are living together

4. Charesteristics

4.1. I am adventurous

4.1.1. I love the unknown factors whenever i am traveling.

4.1.2. This year I dove in open water, 20 meter below the surface - Thailand

4.2. I am direct in the way i speak

4.2.1. I will say what i think, if you ask me to.

4.3. I am creative

4.3.1. I like to edit video's in a certain way and think of the whole video concept before i even go on a holliday.

4.4. Ambitious

4.4.1. I like to aim high because that works better then aiming low. For this project our group agreed to aim for a nine as a grade.

4.5. I am a good planner

4.5.1. I used to be a bad planner but then I decided to change that because it makes your life a lot easier. During projects I always make plannings for the group to see how much things we need to do in the time slot we have.

5. Studies

5.1. High school Parcival College - Groningen

5.1.1. Dutch education

5.2. International Business Studies, Noorderpoort College - Groningen

5.2.1. 30% Dutch education/ 70% English education (Dutch and English diploma)

5.3. International Business and Management, Hanze - Groningen (1 year)

5.3.1. English eduction

5.4. International Communication, Hanze - Groningen (Just started)

5.4.1. English eduction

6. How did i grew up?

6.1. My parents are married for 30 years

6.2. I have no brothers or sisters

6.3. My father used to travel a lot for his work when i was younger

6.3.1. My mother and i used to travel with him, because of all his positive stories i started thinking of following an English course

6.4. My mother got cancer

6.4.1. She got breast cancer when i was 12 It had spread to the lymph nodes and there was little chance she would survive After heavy treatment she was clean of breast cancer after 3 years

6.4.2. She got 7 operations for skin cancer in the past 9 years

6.5. I have a very good relationship with my parents

6.5.1. I go on a holliday with only my mom This July i went to London

6.5.2. I go on a holliday with only my dad This February i went to Praag

7. Dreams

7.1. If I could do anything i would want to travel the world and create content for luxuries resorts.

7.2. When I was younger i wanted to find a cure to cancer. (I am really bad in mathemetics, that is why i didn't do that.

7.3. During my travels in Asia, i spoke to a lot of girls that married at 13. I want to educate woman in Asia about their rights and hope to one day help