Media Bias

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Media Bias by Mind Map: Media Bias

1. The Ruling Elite Theory

1.1. The "Top-Down" Theory argues that the media purposely serves the interest of the ruling elite. Through institutional dominance or coercion.

1.1.1. Kanye West Visits Trump

1.1.2. Kavanaugh Supreme Court Justice

2. "Money Machine" Theory

2.1. The "Money Machine" Theory suggests that newspapers and television news are more focused on quantity of profit rather than quality of the news delivered.

2.1.1. Phantom Gourmet for CBS local

2.1.2. Zip Trips with WCVB Boston

3. Grassroots Theory

3.1. The Grassroots Theory works the popular angle of the media; "if it bleeds, it leads". Much like the "Money Machine Theory", what is popular is profitable.

3.1.1. Gas Explosions of MA

3.1.2. Mom Shields Child From Storm

4. Professional Subculture Theory

4.1. The Professional Subculture Theory believes in upholding the norms of the profession. This theory believes in accuracy and verification of stories. The subcultural norms determine the content of the of the news.

4.1.1. Fashioning The Future: This is a story that was broadcast live, and advertised in the newspaper. It was a community involved event. The "Fashioning the Future" event supported the Ruth House of Brockton, a teen parenting program of Ascentria. The fund will provide assistance to Ruth House mothers as they transition to independent living.

4.1.2. We're not babies': Trump says bad blood in call with Turnbull was exaggerated