Welcome to Saint Joseph's College of Baggao Intramurals Events of the year

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Welcome to Saint Joseph's College of Baggao Intramurals Events of the year by Mind Map: Welcome to Saint Joseph's College of Baggao Intramurals Events of the year

1. The professional/varsity/club sports that have similar or related Intramural Sports are defined in this chart: Article 10: Number of Teams 1. An individual may participate on one single-gender or Open league (no gender restrictions) and one co-recreational team within each sport. 2. If a participant’s name is discovered on more than one single-gender, Open, or co-recreational roster within a sport, his/her proper eligibility lies with the team for which he/she participated first. EXCEPTION: An individual may participate in both Singles and Doubles single-gender, Open, or co￾recreational leagues. Article 11: Gender 1. All players may participate in the gender-specific league that identifies with their personal gender identity. A participant’s gender identity will be applied when there are gender specific rules or player ratio requirements within Intramural Sports leagues. Article 12: Participation 1. Any person who has checked-in on their team roster at the game site is considered to have participated in that Intramural Sports activity. 2. Any person found in violation of the eligibility rules of Intramural Sports is considered ineligible. The following are disciplinary actions for players found to be ineligible. a. Any person(s) participating in an Intramural activity found to be ineligible will be suspended from that activity for the remainder of the season. b. Any team using an ineligible player shall forfeit every game in which the ineligible player participated. c. A player participating under an assumed name will be suspended from Intramural Sports participation for the remainder of the season and placed on probation for the remainder of the school year. Violation of probation may result in expulsion from the Intramural Sports program. PROFESSIONAL/VARSITY/CLUB SPORTS INTRAMURAL SPORTS Football 7-v-7 Flag Football, 4-v-4 Flag Football Soccer Outdoor Soccer, Indoor Soccer Basketball 5-v-5 Basketball, 3-v-3 Basketball Dodgeball Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Pool Volleyball Baseball, Softball, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Roller Hockey, Floor Hockey, StreetHockey Tennis, Pickleball Racquetball Team Handball Ultimate Frisbee Badminton

2. 2018-2019 INTRAMURAL SPORTS MANUAL Of Saint Joseph's College of Baggao Inc.


4. Everybody is allowed to join this said event