Language Program Administration

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Language Program Administration by Mind Map: Language Program Administration

1. oportunities

1.1. At the beginning

1.1.1. shadowing

1.1.2. short interview with previous LPA

1.1.3. set priorities with LP supervisor

1.1.4. evaluate previous administration

1.2. On-going

1.2.1. Reading about LP

1.2.2. attending workshops, sessions and conventions

1.2.3. infromal networking

1.2.4. attendinig workshops and coursebooks in other fields

1.2.5. Mentoring

2. What is ?

2.1. A professional area of expertise that encompasses a number of related fields

2.1.1. assessement

2.1.2. curriculum development

2.1.3. bussiness management

2.1.4. educational leadership

2.1.5. human resources

2.1.6. intercultural communication

2.1.7. marketing

2.1.8. among others

2.2. It is a leadership role which aims at achieving educational goals of ELT

2.3. Two challenges this role faces are

2.3.1. taking care of new responsabilities

2.3.2. lack of proper prior training

2.4. It is a role that lacks of prior training to taking position

2.4.1. because most new LPA were trained in language teachinig

2.4.2. this causes new administrators to acquire managing skill on the go and based on a trial an error method.

3. Differences with Language Teaching

3.1. demands on administrator's time

3.2. a considerable increase on amount of workload

3.2.1. which gives the sense that work never ends

3.3. type of tasks

3.3.1. complaints

3.3.2. schedule changes that cause an unpredictable schedule

3.3.3. request to admissions

3.3.4. budgeting

3.4. people whom LPA interacts

3.4.1. not only Students Teachers

3.4.2. but University leaders Admmission officers Testing agents Embassy representatives Marketing sales

3.5. need of new communication skills

3.6. new managing skills

3.6.1. such as launching a program hiring teacher's staff

4. Scope of responsibilities

4.1. Knowledge areas

4.1.1. oversight of language program

4.1.2. finantial issues

4.1.3. program quaity

4.1.4. co-curricular activities

4.1.5. marketing

4.1.6. immigration issues

4.1.7. planning organizing ad leading

4.1.8. budgeting

4.2. Pedagogical areas

4.2.1. supervision of teacher staff

4.2.2. students' service

4.3. Most time consuming responsabilities

4.3.1. personnel issues

4.3.2. curriculum

4.3.3. budgeting

4.3.4. staff evaluation

5. Knowledge needed to be a LPA

5.1. Personnel issues

5.1.1. time needed to manage human resourses

5.1.2. time needed to hire personnel

5.1.3. management of office personnel

5.1.4. personnel motivation

5.1.5. problem solving skills

5.2. Budgeting and finances

5.2.1. constrains and issues

5.2.2. projections

5.2.3. principles and process

5.2.4. institutonal budgent principles

5.3. Collaboration with other institutions

5.3.1. build a better understanding of environment and culture

5.3.2. negotiate upper administration

5.3.3. politics

5.3.4. collaborative work

6. Roles of LPA

6.1. In order of impact in the field

6.1.1. 1. Manager keep finances in order oversight new staff

6.1.2. 2. Promoter marketing recruits students to language programs motivates personnel

6.1.3. 3. Leader plans future goals

7. Professional Development