Animal Health and Welfare

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Animal Health and Welfare by Mind Map: Animal Health and Welfare

1. Animal Housing

1.1. Stalls

1.1.1. Help farmer to control housing temperatures Mothers are able to be in a cooler temperature while babies are warmer

1.1.2. Prevents babies from being harmed

1.1.3. Safety for farmer When females are pregnant they are more aggressive

1.2. Open Barn

1.2.1. Animals have freedom to walk

1.2.2. Animals are able to graze on the pasture

1.2.3. Can be in the barn and leave whenever they want

1.2.4. Given bedding Creates a more comfortable environment

1.3. Indoor Barn

1.3.1. Controlled temperatures

1.3.2. Easier to care for sick, calving, and weaning animals

1.3.3. Increased ventilation Controlled environment Better control on diseases

2. Feed

2.1. Alternative feeds

2.2. Additives

2.2.1. Vitamins and minerals

2.3. Fats

2.3.1. Supplements Fish oil

2.4. High energy

2.4.1. Total mixed ration

2.5. Consistent diet

2.5.1. Forage Such as grass

2.5.2. Roughage Such as Hay

2.6. WATER

2.6.1. Animals always have access to water

3. Ensuring Welfare

3.1. Veterinary care

3.2. Government legislations

3.2.1. Animal Welfare Act

3.2.2. Audits Unbiased third party evaluation

3.3. Enrichment

3.3.1. Toys for animals

3.3.2. Balls and hoses for animals

3.4. Regulations

3.4.1. Biosecurity

3.4.2. Proper care of the animals

4. Humane Harvest

4.1. Guidelines

4.1.1. How to keep animals calm and healthy

4.2. USDA

4.3. Food Safety and Inspection Services

4.4. Constant veterinary medical supervision

5. Complete overview:

5.1. In Iowa our farmers face problems every day with the quality and care of their animals. Many farmers are battling the media. The media does not show what really goes on behind the scenes. Farmers do everything that they can to protect their animals and make sure they are in the best health. Farmers do not disregard their animals, they care for them. Not a lot of people actually know all of the hard work that goes with being a farmer. They have a strict schedule in which they have to follow and they have individual care for each of their animals to be in top condition. Famers all around the world face these accusations as well, the only difference is that the United States has much stricter regulations than other places. Our farmers are dedicated people who only want the best for their family, farm, and the people they are providing their services to.