Initiatives in Priority Order

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Initiatives in Priority Order by Mind Map: Initiatives in Priority Order

1. Dashboard

1.1. Agents & Team

1.1.1. Agents list

1.1.2. Create/edit Agent Bio images and copy Contact info/social Agent taginng Lead agent Create user account Assign to team Sync MLS

1.1.3. Create Team

1.2. Properties

1.2.1. Property list Sync MLS

1.2.2. Create/edit Property Property information Property images Property tagging Featured listing Recently added Global

1.3. Leads

1.3.1. Leads list Export csv file Track lead sources Zapier integration

1.3.2. Lead profile/history

1.4. Settings

1.4.1. View/edit Profile page Contact info Social Account logins MLS login/IDs Integration logins Profile image

1.4.2. Users list

1.4.3. Create new user Assign role

1.5. Site Content

1.5.1. Media Gallery Upload files Saved images Logos Agent photos Blog photos Saved videos Opening videos BG videos Stock images

1.5.2. Blog/Magazine Blog list Create blog/magazine site Create/edit blog Blog copy Blog image Publish to site Publish to social

1.5.3. Testimonials Testimonials list Create/edit Testimonial copy Publish to site

1.5.4. Neighborhoods Neighborhoods list Create/edit neighborhood Neighborhood copy Neighborhood image Publish to site Neighborhood lookup

1.5.5. Developments Developments list Create/edit development Development copy Development image Publish to site Development association to MLS listings

1.6. Websites & Pages

1.6.1. Branded Websites Create new Branded Website Contact Support Page Builder v2 Website Settings (v2?) Logos SEO Menus Widgets

1.6.2. Property Websites Create new Property Website Templates Property Website list View site Property Website Settings SEO

1.6.3. Lead Pages View page [Landing] Page Builder v3 Create new Lead Page Templates Home Valuation MLS Search e-Book Download Property Pages

1.6.4. Add-ons Lead capture forms Newsletter subscription form Forced registration Password protected Slide popup Exit popup

1.6.5. MLS Search Tool Landing page builder? Needs to be interactive - will Hugo work?

1.7. Marketing

1.7.1. Ad Campaigns Forms Objective based campaign manager Objective Channel Creative Budget Audience

1.7.2. Creative Forms Ad Builder Auto generate Video production services

1.8. Reporting

1.9. Dashboard

1.9.1. Onboarding Progress tracker 3-step account configuration Company info Property info Site Content Progress updates and alerts Sidebar message log Email notifications

1.9.2. System notifications Email verification Billing

1.9.3. Recommendation widgets Start generating leads Integration recc's Request for professional services Book Marketing Consultation Video production Content writing Performance KPI's Campaign performance health monitoring

1.9.4. Learning tasks

2. Admin UI

2.1. Accounts list

2.1.1. Onboarding filters

2.2. Create new

2.3. Impersonate account

2.3.1. View account dashboard

2.3.2. View admin-only pages