Network Economies

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Network Economies by Mind Map: Network Economies

1. Positive Feedback

1.1. Raising the products price equals greater demand for buying.

2. Network Externalities

2.1. Positive

2.1.1. Negative

3. Negative Feedback

3.1. The stronger get weaker

3.2. The weaker get stronger

4. Network to Network

4.1. Networks alone can increase value just by connecting to others.

4.1.1. Virtual networks strengthen just by those in the network

5. Strategies for New Technology

5.1. Evolution (Compatibility)

5.1.1. Revolution (performance)

6. Information Economies

6.1. Economics of Networks

6.1.1. Depends on the number of other people connected to the network

7. Four Strategies of Network

7.1. Performance play

7.1.1. Controlled Migration Open Migration Discontinuity