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Past Simple by Mind Map: Past Simple

1. Functions

1.1. Actions finished in its totalit/completely.

1.1.1. I had fever yesterday.

1.2. Actions hapened once or repeatdly in the past.

1.2.1. I was very unhealthy when I was a child.

1.3. Time may be specific.

1.3.1. Danny won the race on 2009.

1.4. Use simple past with stative verbs.

1.4.1. Maria had a lot of problems with her passport.

2. Word Expression

2.1. Yesterday, Last week, two years ago.

2.2. Time Clauses

2.2.1. Show an orderin wich two events happened. After, As soon as, Before, Once, Until, When. After to introduce a first event. Before to introduce a second event. When means at almost the same time.

3. Structure

3.1. Affirmative

3.1.1. S+Past Verb+C.

3.2. Negative

3.2.1. S+Aux. Do(in past)+verb(base form)+C.

3.3. Interrogative

3.3.1. Aux Do(in past)+S+Verb(base form)+C+?