Digital Storage

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Digital Storage by Mind Map: Digital Storage

1. Storage medium is the physical material on which a computer keeps data,information,program and application.

2. Storage device is the hardware that records or retrieves item to and from storage media.

2.1. 1. Hard drives(hard disk)

2.1.1. contain circular platters that use magnetic particles to store data and information. Storage determined by number of platters,composition of magnetic coating,density and whether disk use longitudinal or perpendicular recording. Characteristics

2.2. 2.SSD(solid state drive)

2.2.1. contains own processor to manage its storage advantages faster access time more durable light less power consumption longer life less heat generation

2.3. 3.Memory card

2.3.1. removable flash memory that insert and remove from a slot in a device. Examples mini SD micro SDHC CF xd picture card

2.4. 4.Optical disc

2.4.1. consist of flat ,round that written and read by laser.Store item in a single track(divided into sector) that spirals from center to edge of disc. Types a) CD-ROM(can read but not write) b)CD-R(can write once,but not erase) c)CD-RW(erasable multisession disc) d)DVD-ROM(can read but not write/erase e)DVD-R or DVD+R(can write once but not erase) f)DVD-RW,DVD+RW and DVD+RAM(can write on multiple times)

2.5. 5.Magnetic stripe card

2.5.1. has magnetic stripe that contain information

2.6. 6.Smart card

2.6.1. stores data on circuit embedded in card.

2.7. 7.RFID tag

2.7.1. consist of antenna and memory chip that contain information to be transmitted via radio waves.

2.8. 8.NFC chip

2.8.1. contain NFC chip and antenna that contain information to be transmitted and self-adhesive

3. Access time

3.1. Amount of time it takes a storage device to locate and item

3.2. Time required to deliver item from memory to processor

4. Enterprise Storage

4.1. repository for business information that provides common data management and protection, as well as data sharing functions, through connections to numerous (and possibly dissimilar) computer systems.

4.1.1. Server 1: Network attached storage(NAS) server that placed on network with sole purpose of providing storage to users,computer and devices with network.

4.1.2. Server 2: Storage area network(SAN) High speed network with sole purpose of providing storage to other attached server.

4.1.3. Tape magnetically coated ribbon of plastic capable of storing large amount of data and information,tap drive reads and writes data and information on magnetic tape

5. Cloud storage keeps information on server on internet.