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Andrew's Organization by Mind Map: Andrew's Organization

1. Business Movers/Investors

1.1. Craig

1.1.1. Large generational farmer in the northwest part of the County. Involved in no less than 3 investment clubs in the county. According to rumors, singlehandedly removed one of my predecessors from their position.

1.2. Perry

1.2.1. Chris Owners of local construction company. Perry was a founding member. Large focus on residential investment and building. Chris (Perry's son), in particular, does property investment around the county. Chris is a city council member.

1.3. Jim

1.3.1. Owner of out of town fertilizer and fuel company. Makes business decisions and business only. The footprint is massive throughout the county. Jim does Jim and acts with his checkbook.

1.4. Chris

1.4.1. Business decisions only. Native but provides useful insight and understands that his network is his most powerful asset. Can call anyone on this map and get time alone.

2. The Godfathers

2.1. Jerry

2.1.1. Livestock Entrepreneur. Only one town actually matters in the County. Only interested in "BIG" projects like housing or business recruitment. Consistently deferred do for decision-making.

2.2. Stuart

2.2.1. Local community banker. Progressive. Interested in housing projects. Generative leader and transitioning many formal roles. Genuinely interested in progressing. A thought leader.

2.3. RJ

2.3.1. Livestock Entrepreneur. Much larger worldview than Jerry. Resides in the background and supports efforts with the checkbook. Keeps it to larger projects such as housing or recruitment.

2.4. John

2.4.1. Lawyer. Home raised. Best friend to RJ. Intentionally lives outside city limits. Passionate about large business centric project. Not an advocate for housing - the sprawl could impact what's outside his front door...

2.5. Jeff

2.5.1. Riding the coattails. Found his way into this group hopping from large business to large business and rubbing elbows. Jeff takes a hard stance on anything and everything. Will start his own campaign, even if another is already going.

3. Positional Community Leaders

3.1. Brent

3.1.1. City Admin - not a native. Progressive but at the mercy of the mayor. One false move and he's gone. Talks about pushing the envelope but haven't seen the action behind it yet. Carries on the rivalry between the City and County.

3.2. Veronica

3.2.1. Hospital CEO - not a native. Progressive leadership style. Generative. Cautious with introducing new ideas - working on internal cultural change. Reports to her board president, Don C.

3.3. Don P.

3.3.1. Plant Manager - biggest employer. Outsider - west coast. Older, not active in many traditional roles but takes the volunteering route more times than not. Thinks about lean efficiency in every aspect. Not swayed by any opinion, rather by logic.

3.4. Abram

3.4.1. Manager at Jerry's operation. Outsider. Not too visible in the community because of the employee relationships. Not incredibly community focused but enjoys knowing about upcoming projects.

3.5. Deb K.

3.5.1. Chamber Director. Long time resident. The rah-rah of the community. Very little clout and at the mercy of her board. Currently, just fighting to justify her place.

4. Community Champions

4.1. Melissa

4.1.1. Formerly the director (my role) - see "Craig" in the "Business Mover" section. Believes she is a thought leader. Involved more at the state level than locally. Intentionally avoids business-oriented community events.

4.2. Jenny

4.2.1. Director of the youth development program. Husband is the County Supervisor Chairperson. Best Friend to Melissa.

4.3. Mike

4.3.1. Current board president. I direct report to him. Mike built his reputation from ground zero and carries immense respect. But, could be written off because his pocketbook is less than others.

4.4. Don C.

4.4.1. Another large farmer that does what he wants. Master fundraiser and huge asset. If Don, is behind something, it happens.

4.5. Deb M.

4.5.1. My direct predecessor. Came out of retirement to do the job. Glorified event planner. Acted at the mercy of "The Godfathers".

5. Politicians

5.1. Cecil

5.1.1. Mayor. The common man's mayor. Was elected as somewhat of a joke. But, has been mayor for 4 consecutive year. Still learning the ropes but everything starts as a no. A Robin Hood worldview. If it helps the well off, no chance.

5.2. Barry

5.2.1. Investor. Owns holding company. Previously with several large companies. Chairman of County Supervisors. Understanding of agriculture and how important it is to the County. Curious skeptic. Relatable but ambiguous about his thoughts.