Evince Assessment

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Evince Assessment by Mind Map: Evince Assessment

1. 4 instruments

1.1. Used for assessing alcholol/chemical addition/abuse or psychological problems

1.2. Adaptive questions based on answers

2. Assessment Purchasing Process

2.1. After payment, Admin fills out"User Qualification Form"

2.2. Bulk pricing?

2.3. Payment Gateways

2.3.1. Stripe

2.3.2. Echeck/ACH

2.3.3. Offline payment as gateway option

2.4. Administrator or Supervisor purchases assessments for the facility

3. Computer prompted (clinician sitting at comp) vs. computer administered (patient at comp)?

3.1. Less security issues with administered.

3.2. Dr Hoffmann Preference of computer prompted

3.3. During a computer-administered assessment all other functions of the website would be password locked except for the instrument itself.

4. Taking the Assessments

4.1. Can go back and change the last answer, but cannot go back more than 1

4.2. Ability to resume interrupted assessment

4.3. Start Assessment

4.3.1. Fill out Patient Demographics Begin assessment by choosing either "computer prompted" or "Computer Administered". If computer administered, a password would be required to exit the assessment.

5. Home

5.1. "Sales/marketing" tone. Educate visitors on assessments.

6. Blog

7. Assessments

7.1. 1. PADDI-5

7.2. 2. CAAPE-5

7.3. 3. TAAD-5

7.4. 4. SUDDS-5

7.5. Offline Assessments?

7.5.1. These are our other assessments...contact form for more info

7.6. Print Versions of Assessments

8. About

9. Purchase Assessments

10. New Supervisor User Process

10.1. New Clinician User Process

10.1.1. Operates under a "Supervisor User" Receive an invite from Supervisor Create user account

10.2. Sign up

11. FAQ

12. Contact

12.1. Clinical

12.2. Technical

13. Training/Consulting

13.1. Contact form

14. Research

15. Assessment Storing

15.1. Do we keep assessment data? How long?

15.2. Keep assessment, but remove relationship to patient? Lookup by ID?

15.3. Ability to compare results over time?

15.4. Allow admin to set a "purge" timeframe to remove the scored results.

15.5. Clinician version: shows all info

15.6. "Evince" Version: no patient info (except age, gender, ethnicity [items 1-9]), all question answers, date taken, clinician and facility.

16. Scored Results

16.1. Add "Recommendations/Summary statements" page with suggested treatments based on results

16.2. See "CAAPE-5 SUM Preview" document

16.3. Add a "key" or "legend" for what the numbers or x's mean.

17. Qualification Form

17.1. Include in Terms of service.