Singapore's Urban Development

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Singapore's Urban Development by Mind Map: Singapore's Urban Development

1. A Commitment to Green Planning

1.1. Integrated Land Use Planning

1.1.1. Long-term approach Concept Plan

1.1.2. Long-term strategic land Master Plan

1.2. Housing a Nation

1.2.1. Public Housing Housing and Development Board (HDB)

1.3. Building Safety

1.3.1. Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Zero Energy Building Green Building Create & Design Landscape “Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) Development for the Building Sector in Asia”

1.4. Reduced Pollution

1.4.1. Green Spaces National Parks Board (NParks) Singapore Botanic Gardens (SBG)

1.4.2. Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (Global ABC) Regional Roundtable for Asia-Pacific

2. Eco-friendly Transportation Regulation

2.1. Transit-oriented Development and Planning

2.1.1. Transport capacity

2.1.2. Transport Master Plan

2.1.3. Singapore’s transit- oriented initiatives Promoting Public Transport Singapore’s rail network Bus Service Enhancement Programme Walking and Cycling Plan Walk Cycle Ride SG Walking and Cycling Plan (WCP) National Cycling Plan (NCP) Inclusive Transport Public Transport Train Station Safer Streets Silver Zone Green Transport Fuel Economy Labelling Scheme Electric car-sharing programmed BlueSG Electric & Hybrid Bus URA Academy Training sessions Land Use Planning course