Roosevelt and the New Deal

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Roosevelt and the New Deal by Mind Map: Roosevelt and the New Deal

1. Finance and Economics

1.1. Budget

1.1.1. Not spending more that gathering taxes

1.2. Bankruptcies

1.2.1. Farm Loan Act

1.2.2. Bankruptcy Act Prevent banks from foreclosing on solvent businesses until they had a chance to borrow from the Federal Reserve

1.2.3. Home Loan Act

1.2.4. Home Owners Loan Corporation Same thing, but for ordinary home owners

1.3. Prices and Wages

1.3.1. Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) Paid farmers to take fields out of production Stop over-production and drive prices up

1.3.2. National Recovery Administration (NRA) Businessmen were promised to cut production and pay good wages

1.3.3. Abolished Child Labour Put more adults to work

1.3.4. Soil Conservation Act Replaced banned AAA Allowed government to continue subsidising farmers

1.3.5. Fair Labour Standards Act Set hours and conditions of work Minimum wage

1.4. Currency

1.4.1. Stop people owning gold Stopped people saving their money Increased government reserves

1.4.2. Banks give all the gold to the government

1.4.3. Price of gold from $20 to £35 and ounce Dollar was linked to gold, foreign investors bought American dollars for gold Increased government reserves

1.5. Welfare

1.5.1. Social Security Act Americas first system of social welfare National system of old-age pensions

1.6. House

1.6.1. National Housing Act Provided loans to buy a house/houses Reduced excessive rents

2. Jobs

2.1. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

2.1.1. Give unemployed young men jobs 2.5 million men had taken part by 1941 Millions of trees planted, parks and forest areas developed

2.2. Federal Emergency Relief Administartion

2.2.1. Help fund state organisations payment to the unemployed and homeless

2.3. Works Progress Administation

2.3.1. Provided work for the unemployes Building airports, schools, hospitals or bridges Earned wages

2.4. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

2.4.1. Built 21 dams in 10 years Stopped flooding, provided cheap electricity and provided work

2.5. National Labour Relations Act/Wagner Act

2.5.1. Replaced the banned NRA Protect workers' right to join trade union Set up National Labour Relations Board

3. Social

3.1. Abolished Prohibition

3.1.1. Increased government's revenues

3.2. Fireside Chats

3.2.1. The President responded to everyone 8,000 letters (per day) got a reply Phone the White House, never got cut off

3.3. Emergency Banking Act/Bank Holidays

3.3.1. Closed banks for 4 days Government checked that everything was good Re-opened with the backing of the Federal Reserve

3.4. Stock Exchange

3.4.1. Securities and Exchange Commissions Introduced new rules for the Stock Exchange Prevent another Crash