Roosevelt and the New Deal

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Roosevelt and the New Deal by Mind Map: Roosevelt and the New Deal

1. First New Deal

1.1. Confidence

1.1.1. Abolished prohibition restored faith in humanity and gave something to enjoy

1.1.2. Fireside chats proved his qualities as a good person and felt the people feel heard

1.1.3. Bank Holiday reassured the insurance and security of banks

1.1.4. Stock exchange prevent another stock crash

1.2. Finance and Economy

1.2.1. Budget did not run deficit budgets

1.2.2. Bankruptcies introduced new acts to prevent bankruptcy

1.2.3. Prices and wages abolished child labour

1.2.4. Currencies lessen the hoarding of people with their gold

1.3. Alphabet Agencies

1.3.1. CCC give unemployed men new jobs

1.3.2. FERA act to help the unemployed and homeless

1.3.3. WPA provide new jobs for the unemployed

1.3.4. TVA build 21 in ten years to make dams to stop flooding

2. Second New Deal

2.1. National Labours Relation Act

2.1.1. protect worker's right to join a union

2.1.2. prevent employers from victimizing workers

2.2. Soil Conversation Act

2.2.1. allow government to keep subsidizing farmers

2.3. National Housing Act

2.3.1. provide loans to buy a house

2.4. Fair Labour Standards Act

2.4.1. set hours to work

2.4.2. minimum wage

2.5. Social Security Act

2.5.1. First social welfare system

2.5.2. support elderly, children, and unemployed that were in a financial crisis