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1. Cloud Storage: keeps storage on the server in the internet.

2. Cloud Storage: Internet service that provided for computer or other gadget.

3. Definition: Medium that keeps data,information,programs and application in a computer.

4. Access time measure

4.1. 1) Time required to deliver on item from memory to the processor

4.1.1. Amount of time take by storage device to locate on a storage device.

5. Storage device : Record / retrive item from storage media

6. Reading

6.1. transfer item from storage medium to memory

7. writing

7.1. Transfer item from memory to a storage device

8. Volatile : Any data/ information content remains when the power is removed.

8.1. 1) Screen display

8.1.1. 2) RAM

9. Non-volatile : Any data / information content won't remain when the power is removed.

9.1. 1) hard disc. 2) VCD / CD disc. 3) Flappy disc

10. Hard Disk

10.1. Known as Hard disk drive (HHD) contain one or more inflexible .and use magnetic plate

11. Function

11.1. 1) store instruction. 2) Store Data. 3)Store information

12. RAID

12.1. Definition : ( Aray of independent disk) of two or more integrated hard-drive.

13. External hard drive.

13.1. Definition : separated freestanding storage device that connect with cable to a USB port or other port on a computer or mobile device

14. Characteristic

14.1. 1) Track. 2)Sector. 3)Platter. 4) revolution per minute. 5)Read/Write Head. 6)Form Factors

15. SSD (Solid State drive)

15.1. Definition : FLASH memory storage device that contains it own processor to manage it's storage

16. Advantage

16.1. 1) Quieter operation. 2) More durable. 3)lighter weight. 4)longer life. 5)Faster transfer rate. 6)Less Heat generation. 7)Less power consumption. 8)Faster Access Time.

17. Optical Disk : Consist of flat, round,portable disc that written / read by disc.

17.1. 1) CD-ROM. 2)CD-R. 3)CD-RW. 4)DVD-ROM. 5)DVD-R / DVD + R.

18. Enterprise storage : Allow large organization to manage/store data/information using devices from heavy uses, maximum availability

18.1. 1) Network attach storage (NAS). 2) Storage area network (SAN). 3)Tape

19. Portable Flash : Removable flash memory storage device.

19.1. 1) Micro SDXC. 2)CF. 3)M2. 4)Memory stick pro Duo. 5)XD picture card.

20. Other type of storage

20.1. 1)Smart SD. 2)RFID tag. 3)NFC tag. 4)Magnetic stripe card.