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Renz Villanueva by Mind Map: Renz Villanueva

1. Future

1.1. college

1.1.1. finish college

1.1.2. learn more about to be architecture

1.2. free time

1.2.1. gamer games that i like twitch youtuber

1.2.2. Blog my life in youtube

1.3. jobs

1.3.1. be a architecture

1.3.2. be a engineering

2. Past

2.1. Art and music

2.1.1. played Band play trumpet

2.1.2. I loved music Old song Calm song rap songs

2.1.3. Play Jazz band

2.2. Family

2.2.1. 3 brothers youngest learn what i should do and not do

2.2.2. Parents Mom learn to clean my stuff Choose wisely to spend on Dad learn about my responsibility teaches me basketball

2.3. Activities

2.3.1. outside basketball yard ultimate backyard running deer lake

2.3.2. Inside floor hockey drawing reading books

2.4. Born

2.4.1. philipines talisay

2.4.2. December 18

3. Present

3.1. school

3.1.1. Play Band

3.1.2. Play Jazz Band Play trumpet

3.1.3. sports Try to join Basketball Volleyball

3.2. Supporting the Family

3.2.1. Parents Mom Going to cleaning with them Dad Helps with the cooking

3.2.2. Brothers Ask me to do stuff I always say yes

3.3. hobbies

3.3.1. video games Pc and Mobile Pubg League of legend Survival Heroes Mobile lengend Ps4 Cod Fortnite

3.3.2. Basketball practice shooting for 3's driving Dribbles

3.3.3. Drawing housing Landscapes