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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. Emotions

1.1. communicate emotions by words or sounds and by writing

2. Learn

2.1. develop new skills and adapt from previous learning, continue to grow in mental capabilities

3. Complex thinking

3.1. ability to communicate by words or text or body language( American Sign Language) problem solving ( math/science). Emotions/how others feel

4. Communication

4.1. have language(s) and or written text for expression of thought or emotions

5. Adaption

5.1. learning from environment, how to change to survive/ succeed

6. Culture specific

6.1. Intelligence can mean many things to different groups of people from other parts of the globe

7. Children learn from watching others and their environment can influence intelligence

8. Create/build

8.1. make objects with hands/art, tools for use or for esthetics

9. Complex relationships/form societies

9.1. forming social groups/making friends