Contemporary Theories

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Contemporary Theories by Mind Map: Contemporary Theories

1. Goal Setting Theory

1.1. Applied for difficult task

1.1.1. Goals direct effort

1.1.2. more specific the goal, greater increase in performance

1.1.3. Feedback leads to higher achievement

1.1.4. Issues of commitment, self belief and national culture

1.2. Intension to work towards a goal

1.3. Focus on cognitive factor

1.4. Good at predicting productivity

2. Job Design Theory

2.1. Tasks are combine to form complete job

2.2. Job characteristics model

2.2.1. Skill variety

2.2.2. Task identity

2.2.3. Task significance

2.2.4. Autonomy

2.2.5. Feedback

2.3. Jobs design reflect

2.3.1. Changing environment

2.3.2. Organization's technology

2.3.3. Employee's skill

3. Equity Theory

3.1. Developed by: J. Stacey Adam

3.2. Applied for fairness and equitable

3.3. Compare own efforts and outcomes with relevant others

3.4. Imbalance in outcome-input result in tension and striving to achieve equity

3.5. Good predicting: absenteeism and turnover

3.6. Weak predictor of productivity and job satisfaction

4. Expectancy Theory

4.1. Explained by Victor Vroom

4.2. Motivated due what to expect

4.3. Bonus reward

4.4. Efforts to achieve recognition; for eg. good performance rating

4.5. Good predicting: productivity and job satisfaction