IT, Business and Society

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IT, Business and Society by Mind Map: IT, Business and Society

1. Infrastructure

1.1. Equipment

1.1.1. Computer=Input+Output+Freedback

1.1.2. Software Operating System Microsoft Windows Apple Mac Linux

1.1.3. Hradware Blade Server Unit =U Cost=US$3000 Speed test Medium=Satellatie

2. EC&EB

2.1. Electronic Commerce

2.1.1. Types of E-Commerce C2C B2C B2B G2B G2C

2.1.2. Information

2.1.3. Agility

2.2. Electronic Business

2.2.1. Gloden rules Customers determine everything

2.2.2. Time is present time, distance is zero

2.2.3. Cash is king

2.2.4. Gamification

2.2.5. Cutting Edge

2.3. The effect of the internet on Business Models

2.3.1. Facilitates Dynamic Pricing

2.3.2. Facilitates Banner Ads

2.3.3. Makes 'Disintermediation' possible

2.4. Content Provider

2.4.1. Provides digital content

2.4.2. Advertising can also provide revenue

2.5. Portal

2.5.1. Initial point of entry to web

2.5.2. Specialized content and services