IT,Business & Soceity

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IT,Business & Soceity by Mind Map: IT,Business & Soceity

1. Infrastructure

1.1. Equipment

1.1.1. Computer =input +output +feedback

1.1.2. Software Operating system Microsoft Windows Apple Mac Linux

1.1.3. Hardware Blade sener Unit =U Cost=US$30000 Speed test Medium =Satellite

2. Electronic Commerce&E-business

2.1. Types E-Commerce

2.1.1. Customer-to-Customer

2.1.2. Business-to-Customer

2.1.3. Business-to-Business

2.1.4. Government-to-Business

2.1.5. Government-to-Citizens

2.2. E-business

2.2.1. Key Internet Information Collaboration Agility Speed Service

3. Rules from E-business

3.1. Customers determine everything

3.2. Knowledge and information become more valuable than physical assets

3.3. People want more choices of products and services

3.4. Time is present time,distance is zero

3.5. Technology and network determine how the business is conducted