Lessons Learned Zachary Lincoln

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Lessons Learned Zachary Lincoln by Mind Map: Lessons Learned Zachary Lincoln

1. Economics *** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

1.1. People were now spending money that they did not have.

1.2. The economy was booming

1.3. Great Depreaaion

1.3.1. Great Depression: People were borrowing money from the banks to invest in stocks. BAD

1.3.2. Great Depression: When the stock market collapsted people could not pay off there loans. Banks were failing because they could not give people the money they put into the bank because the bank loaned it out to people who now can not pay them back.

1.3.3. Great Depression: FDR was creating tons of refeif efforts like social security, FDIC and CCC. These organisations created jobs and helped people trust banks once again(FDIC)

1.3.4. Great Depression: When dept is to high and saving to low people will struggle. People go on the street. Don't spend what you don't have.

1.3.5. Great Depression: Farmers over produced crop prices went down, also the land where the farmers were farming the land was becoming very under nurished and bad for farming.

1.3.6. Great Depression: Overproduction with under comsumption.

1.4. Civil Rights: When a group of people deside not to use a service, that service could stop to exist.

2. Migration *** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

2.1. People were migrating to america making it more diverse

2.2. African Americans were migrated to northern city they were able to develop there own culture.

3. Leaders & Presidents *** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

3.1. Great Depression: Hoover vs FDR When something bad happens people generally go to one extreme of the political party.

3.2. MLK and Malcolm X: Many times civil rights leaders get assassinated because they are seen as a treat of the status quo. Just because you kill the leader doesn;t mean you kill the idea

4. Government *** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

4.1. The government was trying to stop crime by prohibiting alcohol.

4.2. Great Depression: The government was gaining a lot of control.

4.3. Prohibition

4.3.1. The government lost control over the sale of "popular" drugs leading to gangs and violence.

4.4. Great Deppression: Goverment Goes into dept because of releif orginasations.

4.5. Great Society: When the government create large welfare programs and decreases taxes government dept will increase.

5. Civil Rights *** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

5.1. The Harlem Renaissance was an African American culture boom. *Their culture was now not oppressed.

5.2. Women in America

5.2.1. Women were now getting jobs, other than being a house wife

5.3. Holocaust

5.3.1. When America does not respond to a violation of human rights that violation will grow worse

5.4. Civil Rights Movement: When a group of people have been oppressed they will want to step up and stand up for their rights

5.5. Civil Rights: Black Panthers They used self defense to send a message to the police about inequality. Failed. Aggressive acts will fail if a unsupirior force.

6. Technology *** How does technology impact society?

6.1. With new technology comes new war stratigies. If the war stratigies are not changed then many will die.

6.1.1. New technology effects war

6.2. Industry

6.2.1. The industry of america just had a new method of making products. This new method of manufacturing using the assembly line. this increased the rate at which products were made.

6.3. 1960's Debate TV has changed the type of canadait that is running for president

7. Media *** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

7.1. The media was being oppressed by the government during time of war.

7.2. WWII

7.2.1. At the end of WWII the U.S. were criticized for dropping the atomic bomb because they dropped it on a city full of innocent civilizations.

7.2.2. There were tons of different posters enticing everyone to buy war bonds, to fight in the war wither that was through working faster, finding scrap, using less resources, or literally fighting in the war.

7.3. Civil Rights: African Americans got beat up on purpose to get attention from the population

8. Foreign Relations *** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

8.1. WWI Started because the US was getting involved in foreign affairs

8.2. WWI Forming Allies can draw the country into a broader conflic

8.3. WWI when the US is involved in world affairs to a large extent. it is hard to be neutral if a major conflict breaks out.

8.4. WWII

8.4.1. At the end of WWII the Soviet Union and the US were gaining tension because they have betten them to destroying Japan.

8.4.2. Pivotal Battles Hitler, During WWII Hitler invaded Germany, but his troops were not prepaird for the harsh Winter. Also he tryed to take citys not of great importence to Germany, but that would make Stalin made ie: Hittler trying to take over Stalinsville. Pearl Harbor, During Pearl Harbor Japan being scard of the U.S. navy attacked Pearl harbor to deminish the US's navy.

9. Vietnam

9.1. Civil Rights

9.1.1. During Vietnam the US was fighting the North Vietnamese, in order to "contain communism" this war was very hard on the soldiers. Many was very proud when they came home from Vietnam because they had done their service to their county. Most Soldiers had a very hard time in Vietnam and because of that some got ptsd. The American population did not support the war, their was an anti war movment going on, and when the soldiers got home, instead of being welcome, they were booed and harassed. We can learn from this is that when the American population does not support a war they will look for someone to blame, but instead of blaming the people who started the war, they blamed the people who were either forced to go, or who wanted to help protect their country. In the future we should welcome back all soldiers no matter if we support the war or not, because they do not get to pick and chose what wars to fight.

9.2. Foreign Relations

9.2.1. During the Vietnam war, the US started the large scale bombing campaigns, on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and in North Vietnam. During this time many Civilians were being innocently slaughtered. Not only did this increase the amount of anti-war people in America, it also upset the Neighboring countries to Vietnam. In the end this brought North Vietnam into negotiations, but at what cost. We learned from this that bombing countries that had no part in the war is not effective and will upset said countries, and we also learned that bombing Civilians is also not a very good idea.

9.3. Foreign Relations

9.3.1. During the Vietnam war the citizens were fighting the US troops, theses citizens knew the layout of the land and were used to the conditions of Vietnam. They would dig bunkers that were very hard to find, and if found they were very hard to infiltrate. The lesson that was learned by this is that then you are fighting people in their country they will have an advantage because they know the land and climate, and we will have a disadvantage.