U.S. history lessons learned

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U.S. history lessons learned by Mind Map: U.S. history lessons learned

1. Civil Rights to what extent have the oppressed in america been able to attain an equality of life

2. Technology how does technology impact society

3. Economics how has economics impacted america and americans

4. Migration what causes migration and how has it impacted america

5. LEaders and presidents what an effective or ineffective leader

6. Foreign relations how have foreign entanglements influence america

6.1. Vietnam

6.1.1. a problem that happened during the war was that the American soldiers were going through a real hard time. They killed many civilians because they could not tell the difference between the civilians and the enemy soldiers because they did not wear uniforms. They also had to travel and sleep through lots of rain and mud because it rained non stop. The soldiers also did not want to fight in the Vietnam war at all because they did not believe in the mission and did not know what they were fighting for.

6.1.2. and since the soldier could not tell who the enemy was the u.s. learned that they shouldn't use no more gases in war like agent orange because they killed many Vietnam civilians and american troops on the battle field

7. Media to what extent does the media influence people

8. Government whit is

8.1. vietnam

8.1.1. the U.S. government lied to its own citizens and soldiers almost about everything leading up to the Vietnam war. They learned that if they want Americans to stick up for their country they should let them know the truth because without telling them the reason for war or lying to them about it, it makes the Americans feel betrayed