U.S. History Lessons Learned

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U.S. History Lessons Learned by Mind Map: U.S. History Lessons Learned

1. Civil rights is what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life.

1.1. Great depression

1.1.1. Because of the Great depression people did not feel like they had rights. This was because everyone had to do something drastic in order to get food.

1.1.2. Some people felt that it was unfair for businesses to get money from the government to help them keep stocks up.

1.2. Civil rights movement

1.2.1. The Civil Rights movement was the push for blacks to fight back and earn their equality, They made the black panthers and other groups to tell the police that they can't arrest blacks for no reason. new laws were passed after this helping and hurting blacks.

2. technology how does tech. impact society.

2.1. national

2.1.1. the radio, TV, and internet would make this world would be more public.

2.1.2. technology advanced so quickly that when it was put into war, no one would expect h

2.2. WWI

2.2.1. Trench Warfare- Technology advances very quickly influencing the style of warfare.

2.3. JFK

3. Migration What causes migration and how has it impacted America

3.1. great migration

3.1.1. Migration in America became popular when the African Americans took action in the Harlem Renaissance, they would move over to the north in hope of jobs.

3.1.2. when groups of people migrate they settle in concentrated areas. (ghettos and slums)

4. Leaders & presidents What makes an effective or ineffective leader.

4.1. Great depression

4.1.1. Being a new president in the great depression was very difficult because of how much had to be changed and fixed after what had happened.

4.1.2. Because of the Great Depression Roosevelt had to do something risky but hopeful. this caused many people to loose their jobs.

4.2. Vietnam

4.2.1. The main cause of us loosing Vietnam was because the president wasn't telling us the truth. When we figured out he lied to us about everything, riots started and people said the war wasn't worth fighting. This lowered the moral of soldiers and made them no longer want to fight forcing us to leave when a treaty was made. This allowed North Vietnam invade the south with ease.

5. Media to what extent does the media influence people. to what extent does the media mirror or reflect society.

5.1. 1920's

5.1.1. When a popular drug was banned to sell and to buy the media made a stand. They began to revolt against the government

5.1.2. woman made a stand when the man of America came back from the war. they wanted to be able to get jobs and wanted the right to vote.

5.2. Civil Rights Movement

5.2.1. The media reacted immediately with the news on TV. The public soon began to realize that slavery never left and black's were still being discriminated against. They would soon react and help free African Americans again.

5.3. Vietnam

5.3.1. The media played a very important part in stopping the war in Vietnam. Riots and crowd's of people protesting the war made the soldiers want to give up. If not for the media then the war might have been an even bigger loss or made North Vietnam surrender. But it also made the government want to pull out any chance they got. which caused them to lose.

6. Government what is the role and responsibility of the American government.

6.1. Prohibition

6.1.1. it is difficult to stop people from doing it.

6.1.2. crime was frequent in order to sell alcohol.

6.2. The Great Depression

6.2.1. high unemployment causes many Americans to lose their jobs and people were having their houses foreclosed to starvation.

6.3. Civil Rights Movement

6.3.1. The Government at the start began to help and send in Federal troops to assist to fight back. But then the Black Panthers started a shoot out causing the police and SWAT teams to go against the Black Panthers forcing them to disband.

7. Foreign Relations How have foreign entanglements influence Americans

7.1. World War 1

7.1.1. When the U.S. is involved in world affairs to a large extant, it is hard to stay neutral when a major conflict breaks out.

7.1.2. forming allies can draw the country into a boarder conflict.

7.2. WWII

7.2.1. After WW1 the world didnt learn its lesson witch led to similar causes in WWII, But after WWII things changed

7.3. The Cold War

7.3.1. stay involved and support our allies

7.4. Communism

7.4.1. If we don't help out to top communism the county's fails and the U.S. loses economic trading partners

7.5. Vietnam

7.5.1. One of the main reason we lost Vietnam was because we did't ask for allies to help. If we talked asked for a little help to stop communism, then we might have been able win. But we didn't because we under estimated Vietnam and thought it would be an easy victory.

8. Economics

8.1. Great depression

8.1.1. When the New Deal was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and government debt increased.

8.1.2. When farmers began to be affected by the great depression the dust bowl began. this caused millions in land and crops to be destroyed.

8.1.3. Do Not allow people to take out loans to pay for stocks.

8.2. Civil Rights Movement

8.2.1. After the Civil Rights Movement, new laws were created that helped African Americans graduate in school and in college. But sadly this made multiple African Americans go into poverty.