U.S. History Lessons Learned

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U.S. History Lessons Learned by Mind Map: U.S. History Lessons Learned

1. **Civil Rights** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

1.1. World War 1

1.1.1. When the US is involved with world affairs to large extents, it is hard to stay neutral if major conflict breaks out The actions of Hoover really messed up the lives of Americans since he told them not to worry about the Great Depression. Although Hoover kinda screwed everyone over, FDR saved that day in the 30s by giving people hope and started programs to help people to get back on their feet.

1.2. World War 2

1.2.1. After the government put all the Japanese Americans into those camps, we learned that we should not punish a group of people due to their race. After WW1, the world did not learn their lesson and had to fight in another war just to get things to start to change

1.2.2. If the leaders don't challenge someone who is trying to take over, that person will keep destroying things since no one is stopping them

1.3. Boycotts

1.3.1. By peacefully protesting , they were able to get the buses to desegregate

2. **Media** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

2.1. 1920's

2.1.1. The inventions of debit had made a big impact in banking, what consumers didn't know that every time they used credit they were making a large amount of debt.

2.2. Early Cold War

2.2.1. Due to mass media, The Red Scare made it really easy for people to be scared of the spread of communism. This made people question the people they were around and also affected parts of American culture like with Hollywood 10

2.3. Vietnam War

2.3.1. Media had a very big impact for the war since many people protested America being involved. These riots and protests caused a lot of issues with citizens not feeling like they were able to trust our government. We could learn from these people by actually listening to their protests and taking what they have to say into consideration

3. **Foreign Relations** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

3.1. Early years of the Cold War

3.1.1. Communism taught us that of we don't help out to stop it, the country will fail and lose economic trading partners

3.1.2. We had to stay involved and support our allies to make sure we stop Communism

3.2. WW1

3.2.1. The Treaty of Versailles was made to punish Germany, but since we were too harsh it allowed someone like Hitler to rise up and take control during a rough time in that country.

3.3. WW2

3.3.1. The more allies we have, the easier it is to succeed in the war

3.4. Early Cold War

3.4.1. NATO helped out other countries and it stopped from aggressive countries from trying to attack others and expanding

3.5. Korean War

3.5.1. In order to stop communism, the US had to go into war because the South wouldn't have been able to fight without our help

3.5.2. Just because the goal is just, but these battles can be tough and costs lots of money and military power

4. **Government** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

4.1. Prohibtion

4.1.1. Was very expensive and was hard to mange

4.1.2. Crime increased because people wouldn't stop drinking and people were getting it and selling it illegally

4.2. Great Depression

4.2.1. FDR created the 3R's program during the Depression which helped people get back on their feet and to get money. This is first time that the Government had provided jobs for their citizens

4.2.2. During this time period, we learned that the government had to come and help out the citizens by making programs to help them get back on their feet

4.3. Red Scare

4.3.1. The government has to make sure the threat they are taking on is real

4.4. The Great Society

4.4.1. When the government cuts taxes and creates large social programs, government debt increases

5. **Leaders & Presidents** What makes an effective or ineffective leaders?

5.1. Great Depression

5.1.1. Forming allies can draw a country into a broader confllicts

5.2. Vietnam War

5.2.1. Everyone who took office during the war knew how bad of an idea it was, but sent US troops to Vietnam anyways. What we can learn from this is that they should make decisions based off gut feelings, because if the president sends troops to a country we know we can't win against can cause big problems for America.

6. **Migration** What causes migration and how it impacted America

6.1. Great Migration

6.1.1. When people migrate they settle in one fixed area that has its pros and cons. Pros are that they all have the same culture, but a con is how they are discriminated when they leave this area

7. **Economics** How has economics impact America & Americans

7.1. Great Depression

7.1.1. When the New deal was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and the government's debt increase

7.1.2. The high unemployment rate caused many Americans to not be able to support themselves since they didn't have any money. The lessened learned is how without jobs, it can really affect the American people

7.2. World War 2

7.2.1. People invested in war bonds which taught us that by investing in our country it benefits the military and us

7.3. 1920's

7.3.1. Mass production and under consumption taught us not to produce too much because they were too much food and not enough people buying it so U.S. farmers and businesses were losing money and started things like the Dust Bowl

8. **Technology** How does technology impacts society?

8.1. Radio

8.1.1. More communication across the nation

8.1.2. Everyone was listening to the same things so it created a national culture

8.2. WW1 Warfare

8.2.1. The many changes to technology really changed the way the war was faught

8.2.2. Trench warfare advanced very quickly, influence the style of warfare

8.3. WW2

8.3.1. The atomic bomb brought good and bad impacts on our society. Although it killed hundreds of Japanese civilians, it was the fasted way to bring the war to the end

8.4. Vietnam War

8.4.1. Just by bombing everything didn't make it better and we still lost the war regardless. America didn't know enough about being in Vietnam to be able to win. If we knew about the underground tunnels it might have been a lot easier then just bombing everything in sight and putting innocent people's lives in danger