U.S. history lesson learned

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U.S. history lesson learned by Mind Map: U.S. history lesson learned

1. leaders and presidents- what makes an effective or ineffective leader?

1.1. great depression: hoover believed that we people should fix their own problems, fdr believed the government should help fix the great depression because we couldn't do this on our own

1.2. Vietnam war- the president had a plan it failed, but he lied to the people says his plan succeed. we now know to never trust the government.

2. Prohibition- crime increased. drugs are to expensive for the us to make it legal. drugs are addictive and people are gonna want to do it.

3. Civil Rights- To what extent have the oppressed in america been able to attain an equality of life?

3.1. Vietnam war-the people who served in Vietnam were treated very poorly after the war. they came back from war and they got yelled at and they got hit and called baby killers and they were cursed out. Now as we learned from this we praise and respect them, and greet them home.

4. media- to what extent does the media influence people ?to what extent does the media mirror or reflect society

5. Foreign Relation- how have foreign entanglements influence america?

5.1. forming allies can draw the country into a boarder conflict

6. economics- how has economics impacted america and Americans?

6.1. great depression

6.1.1. when the new deal was created to fix the economic problems it cost a lot of money and government debt increased

7. migration- what causes migration and how has it impacted america

7.1. when groups of people migrate they settled in dense areas which has pros and cons,

8. government- what is the role and responsibility of the american government ?

8.1. great depression: the new deal programs created new relief recovery and reform. programs like the ccc, aaa, nira, tva, gave americans jobs. this is the first time the goverment has given jobs

8.2. Vietnam war- the Anti-war movement was to stop the war again Vietnam and to bring peace.now the people aren't afraid to protest anymore and we know if we think we need to stand for something we can.

9. technology- how does technology impact society

9.1. the radio started broad casting long distances

9.1.1. technology had a major impact on ww1

10. red scare

10.1. the goverment has to make sure the threat they are taking on is real

11. Vietnam, What went wrong?