U.S. History Lessons Learned

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U.S. History Lessons Learned by Mind Map: U.S. History Lessons Learned

1. **Economics** How has economics impacted america and Americans?

1.1. Great Depression

1.1.1. When the New Deal was created to fix the economic problem, it cost a lot of money and government debt increased.

1.1.2. The new deal was created to help people with relief recovery and reform like the CCC,AAA,NIRA, and more. The new deal helped the people with farm production.

1.1.3. FDR was trying to get more power in the Great Depression to become like a dictator and he did so. He added more people to court to get his way, was on charge if the new deal organizations Hoover thought the Americans could get their selves out of trouble without it. FDR was in charge during the Depression but Hoover was present during the crash.

1.1.4. Everyone lost lots of money, some lost all some lost a little bit, but a good amount was lost due to the banks closing. This made people struggle with paying for shelter clothing food and much more. This caused a lot of issues.

1.1.5. Major cause people were taking out Loans to pay for stocks.

1.1.6. High unemployment rate Caused many americans to lose their jobs and people were having their houses forclosured and starvation occured.

1.2. WW2

1.2.1. People would invest in war bonds whichshowed america that investing in our country not only does it benefit the soilders but also benefits you.

1.3. WW1

1.3.1. Hiltler and Germany Dont appease non alliled countries

2. ***Civil Rights*** To what Extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life.

2.1. WW2

2.1.1. When the government took the Japanese Americans to those. We leaned that we should not punish people to their race.


2.2.1. Even though MLK and MAlcolm X are dead their ideas haven't gone away

2.3. Sit ins

2.3.1. African Americans wanted to be treated equally in public places and protested by doing sit ins

2.4. Black panthers

2.4.1. If you engage in self defense the force you take on could take you out if they are stronger very risky. Allowed to defend yourself.

3. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society

3.1. Radio

3.1.1. Faster Communications and don't have to go to the event itself and can listen to just on radio. Get News faster out to everyone.

3.2. WW1 WarFare

3.2.1. Technology got advanced so fast and quicklime that when war hit the trench warfare cuased many deaths.

3.3. WW2

3.3.1. The ATomic Bomb Negative because the atomic bomb killed more people than war but also positive because the bomb ended war.

3.4. WW1

3.4.1. Trench Warfare Technology advances very quickley influencing the style of warfare.

3.5. TV JFK

3.5.1. JFK used a TV to get people to like and vote for him. Every president after started to use the TV. JFK used his looks on the TV to get votes and people to like him

3.6. Vietnam war

3.6.1. Rolling Thunder Bomb Nixon ordered large scale bombing raid to the north. The Bombing Brought a negotiation to the North. However this lead to people evacuating away from there homes and forced people to go to labor camps where they then would be starved and not eat as well as abused.

3.6.2. My Lai Massacre The Lai Massacre was a town where battles took place however this town was filled with mostly Women and Children but Soldiers killed 350 civilians. People were not happy with this at all and people were mad. This led to more and more events like this happening with murders.

4. ***Migration*** What causes Migrations and how has it impacted America?

4.1. The Great Migrationn

4.1.1. Harlem Renaissance was the movement of moving hundreds of thousand s of Africans Americans move north to big cities

4.1.2. When groups of people migrate they settle in condensed and concentrated areas which has pros and cons.

4.2. WW2

4.2.1. Holocaust jewish people were segrated and werent allowed to leave the country due to the german and ither restrictions

5. ***Leaders and Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

5.1. WW2

5.1.1. Leaders who use total war may be in moral but very effective.

5.2. Early Year Cold war

5.2.1. Stalin wanted to take communism over everywhere and America had to stop him. Americca was feared of this.

5.3. Vietnam

5.3.1. Invasion of Cambodia Nixon was the leader and felt if he attacked communist base n Cambodia.Nixon thought thus this would help out the south Vietnamese, however this strategy failed and Americans saw the war effort increasing. Nixon shouldn't have attacked them because the invasion was disrupting the North Vietnamese supply lines and wasn't good. This led to protesters at Kent State and would then cause deaths there and U.S. Not happy what they did and divided.

6. ***Media*** To what extent does the media Influence people? Tp What Extent does the media mirror or refelct society?

6.1. WW2

6.1.1. Media is very influencial to the public and it wasnt hitler using it. Hitler used it to his advantages.

6.2. 1920s

6.2.1. Inventiuon of credit During 1920 the invention of credit had made a big hit in the banks, what mnost consumers didnt know was was that they used credit in reality they were creating debt. Debt was piling up. consumers had a deadline to

6.3. Early Cold war year

6.3.1. Do to mass media the red scare brought many fearful people with McCarthyism. Wide spread and spread fear for people. Televisions was new and could get a message across the U.S. with Fear

6.4. JFK Assaination

6.4.1. When a Traumatic event occurs that is not understood by the people they will begin to spread rumoprs and conspiracies therories to explain the situation to themselves.

6.5. Emmett Till was murdered and mom had an open casket media showed the body. Therefore the rest of the world could see;

7. ***Government*** What is the role and Responsibility of the American Government?

7.1. Prohibition

7.1.1. Banning of alcohol and took the government a lot of money to keep to illegal Very expensive to regulate the illgeal sale of drugs

7.1.2. Difficult to stop people for taking a popular drug

7.1.3. Increased a lot more crime.

7.2. Great Depressionn

7.2.1. Government providedd jobs told buisness what they could or couldnt do. Did not happen before great depression

7.2.2. Economy crashes Government must get involved to help americans get back on their feet;.

7.3. WW2

7.3.1. The dropping of an atomic bomb may have ended WW2 . But casualities were high and the effects afterwards had both positive and negaive points.

7.4. Early years cold War

7.4.1. Red Scare Government has to make sure that the treat they are taking on is real. You cant believe what you here, but also the fear is strong because they dont really know

7.5. The Great Society

7.5.1. When Government cut taxes and creates large social programs govt debt increases

8. ***Foreign Regions*** How have Foreign entanglements influenced america?

8.1. World War 1

8.1.1. Forming allies can draw the counrty into border conflict

8.1.2. When the U.S. is involved in world affairs to large extents it is hard to stay neutral if a major conflict breaks out and occurs

8.1.3. Treaty of Versalliies The TOV was put in place to punish Germany but the punishment was too harsh which allows someone like hitler to rise to the power in a desperate time.

8.2. WW2

8.2.1. The more allies we have the more people have to help fight out battles which increases our chances of winning.

8.2.2. After WW1, the world didnt learn its lesson which led to similar causes of WW2 but after WW2 things changed.

8.2.3. The atomic bomb after it went off did not did not ease tension with the soviet union and U.S.. We learned that sacrifice is just important as battle.

8.2.4. The more allies the more we have the the easier it is to succeed.

8.2.5. NATO The defensse allaince was effective stoping aggressos on the world stage. So Hitler does not rise up and come back in different person like stalin would be

8.3. Early year cold war

8.3.1. Communism If we dont help out to stop communsim the country fails and the U.S. loses economic trading partners.

8.3.2. Cold war Stay involved and support our Allies,

8.3.3. People feared about the communism spreading

9. t