U.S. History II Lessons Learned

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U.S. History II Lessons Learned by Mind Map: U.S. History II Lessons Learned

1. ***Civil Rights*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

1.1. When the government took the Japanese Americans to those camps, we learned that we should not punish people due to their race

2. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

2.1. Atomic Bomb

2.1.1. It had a negative and positive impact. It ended the war, but it also killed many innocent Japanese lives.

2.2. Trench Warfare

2.2.1. Technology advances very quickly, influencing the style of warfare.

2.3. Invention of Credit

2.3.1. During the 1920s, the invention of credit had made a big hit in the banks. What most consumers did not know was that even they used credit, in reality, they were creating the most debt. Debt was piling up, consumers had a deadline to pay off their loans, most of which realized that they could pay off of the loans. So people started to take out their stocks. Banks offered out money that was not theirs and this restarted the Great Depression

3. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

3.1. Emmett Till was murdered ; his mother wanted an open casket; media showed the body. Therefore,

4. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

4.1. Vietnam War

4.1.1. The North poured into the South and took Saigon on April 30, 1975. The U.S. did not contain communism and Vietnam was a loss

4.1.2. After the war, many people fled Vietnam to escape communism; 1 million people died during the war, 58,000 were Americans. America's economy and reputation suffered

5. ***Leaders and Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

5.1. Great Depression

5.1.1. Hoover and FDR were

6. ***Government*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government

6.1. Prohibition

6.1.1. It was very expensive for the government to regulate the legal sales of drugs

6.2. Great Depression

6.3. The Great Society

6.3.1. When the government cut takes and creates large social programs, government debt increases

7. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influenced America?

7.1. World War 1

7.1.1. When the U.S. is involved in world affairs to a large extent , it is hard to stay neutral if a major conflict breaks out

7.1.2. Forming allies can draw the country into a border conflict

7.2. Communsim

7.2.1. If we don't help out to stop communism, the country fails and the U.S. loses economic trading partners

7.3. Cold War

7.3.1. Stay involved and support our allies

7.4. Treaty of Versailles

7.4.1. The TOV was put in place to banish Germany, but the punishments were too harsh, which allows someone like Hitler to rise to power in a desperate time

7.5. NATO

7.5.1. The Defense alliance was effective at stopping aggressive actors on the world stage

7.6. In order to stop communism in some places, we had to be involved in the war

7.7. My Lai Massacre

7.7.1. My Lai was supposedly a town where the battle took place, but it was a town where American soldiers killed 350 innocent civilians, whom were mostly women and children. The public was furious

7.8. Geography

7.8.1. Most Americans never dealt with the jungle and mountains as they were in Vietnam. The jungle hid the enemy and the heat and rain kept the U.S. defensive. As well as that, as a soldier, you couldn't tell the North and the South apart because there were no uniforms for them to distinguish between an enemy and a civilian

8. ***Economics*** How has economics impacted America and Americans

8.1. Great Depression

8.1.1. When the New Deal was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and government debt increased

8.1.2. Major cause of the Great Depression was

8.2. Mass Production and Consumption

8.2.1. U.S. farms and businesses were pushing out way too many goods for consumers to buy