US History II Lessons Learned

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US History II Lessons Learned by Mind Map: US History II Lessons Learned

1. World War 2

1.1. Holocust- When power leaders go unchallenged Hitler will continue to destroy because nobody is stopping him.

1.2. When the government took the Japanese Americans to internment camps we learned we should not punish people due to their race.

2. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people? To what extent does the media mirror or reflect society?

2.1. World War 2

2.1.1. We learned the media is very influential to the public, and Hitler used it to his advantage.

3. ***Civil Rights*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life

4. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

4.1. Radio

4.1.1. When we have new technologies that can broadcast nationally we become more connected and alike in culture. TV, Internet , Phone.

4.2. Warfere

4.2.1. Technology exploded with guns, etc. Machine guns, Tanks

4.3. Trench War fare

4.3.1. Technology advances very quickly, influencing the style of warfare. Multiple countries obtain technology

4.4. Invention of Credit

4.4.1. During the 1920's the invention of credit had made a big hit in the banks. What most most consumers did not know was every time they used credit they were creating more debt. Debt was piling up. Consumers had a deadline to pay off their loans, most of which they realized they could not pay off the loans so people started to take out stocks.Causes you not to be able to care for your kids/put food on the table.

4.5. WW2

4.5.1. The Atomic bombs brought good and bad impacts on our society, although it killed

5. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

5.1. World War 1

5.1.1. When the U.S. is involved in world affairs to a large extent, it is hard to stay neutral if a major conflict breaks out.

5.1.2. Forming allies can draw the country into a boarder conflict.

5.2. World War 2

5.2.1. The more alleys we have, the more people have to help fight out battles which increases out chances of winning

5.2.2. After WWI, the world didn't learn its lesson which led to similar causes of WW2. But after WW2 things changed.

5.2.3. The atomic bomb being dropped caused tension between the Soviet Union and U.S. We learned sacrifice was just as important as the battle.

5.3. Treaty of Versailles

5.3.1. The TOV was made to punish Germany and it was too harsh. It put Germany in a desperate state and allowed someone like Hitler to rise in a desperate time. Hitler tries to unite germ. and bring them together to people trying to take them down. Which then

5.4. Vietnam War

6. ***Government*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

6.1. Prohibition

6.1.1. Led to organized crime, mainly led by Al Capone. Bootleggers were people who brought alcohol into speakeasies. 21st amendment was then created to allow people to consume alcohol. Very expensive for government.

6.2. World War 2

6.2.1. The dropping of the atomic bomb may have ended WW2 but causalities were high and there were both positive and negative effects

7. ***Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?

7.1. Great Depression

7.1.1. The actions of Hoover messed up lives of Americans since he told them not to worry about the Great Depression. Hoover believed that people could fix their own problems. FDR saved the day in the 30's and helped people get back on their feet with gov intervention.He did this by using his new deal programs.

7.2. Hitler

7.2.1. Hitlers mentality was to strike hard and fast. Used total warfare, may be in moral but also very effective.

8. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

8.1. The Great Migration

8.1.1. The movement of six million African-Americans out of the rural Southern United States to the urban Northeast, Midwest, and West. Caused poverty in NYC and shortage of homes. Settled in ghettos.

9. ***Economics*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

9.1. Great Drpression

9.1.1. When the new deal was created to fix the economic problems, it cost a lot of money and gov debt increased.

9.1.2. Major cause was people were taking out loans to buy stocks, and if stocks are low people werent paying back loans which caused banks to fail.