US History Lessons learned

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US History Lessons learned by Mind Map: US History Lessons learned

1. ***Civil Rights*** To have what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

1.1. WW2

1.1.1. When leaders go unchallenged Hitler will continue to destroy because no one is stooping him. Vietnam war The soldiers were poorly mistreated during the Vietnam war. During the war , Vitenamize soldiers did not have any uniform so the U.S soldiers would predict who the Vietcong solders were. This lead to killing many civilans, women and children. When the American solders came back and were treated poorly. The Americans came back from the war protesters were screaming , calling the solders " baby killers"and curse at them.

2. ***technology*** how does technology impact socitey

2.1. radio

2.1.1. The radio makes things easier you can listen to it instead of going to the event.

2.2. New ware fare

2.2.1. Technology adviced so much it had a huge impact on the style on warfare

3. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

3.1. Great depression

3.1.1. When the new deal was created to fix the economic problems; it cost a lot of money and government and debt increased. People had loans and where taking out money and when the banks failed they lost all there money

3.1.2. banks failed, people put there money in a savings but they lost it. Distribution of wealth in the 1920s the rich was to rich and the poor was to poor.

3.2. Vietnam

3.2.1. The new weapons were napalm and agent orange. Napalm was a jelly like substance that sticks and burns. Agent orange is herbicide that kills and caused cancer in solders. The lesson learned that neplam was not allowed to be used in war agian because it destroyed homes, first and people. we alearedn causes canser and we can;t use it anymore.

4. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

4.1. great migration

4.1.1. When groups of people migrate they settle in dense areas which has bros and cons. Sufferdred from over crowinding , unemployment and poverty ww2

5. **Leaders & Presidents*** What makes an effective or ineffective leader?


5.1.1. FDR was accused of trying to make american a socialist country . FDR created a lot of programs like AAA, CCC, and the NRA to help with people recover from the great depression

5.1.2. Hoover lost to FDR and took him to court for the socialist problem. Hoover believed that people should fix their own problems and did not care like FDR.

6. ***Government:*** What is the role and responsibility of the American government?

6.1. Prohbition

6.1.1. The law made it illegal to make,sell,and transport liquor.

6.1.2. The 18th amendment made a law for liquor to to illegal but they still found ways to drink liquor. this made the crime rights even higher new deal It was a new way to help citizens of america get out of debt and a way to get money. ww2

6.2. banks started to tell business what and what not to do and how much they had to pay them.

6.3. Vietnam war

6.3.1. President Nixon lied about the whole vitzanmise nation was going well but it actually wasn't to the united states of american about what was going on in Vietnam. Americans learned not to trust the president.

7. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people?

7.1. we learned the media is nearly influential to the public, 8 Hitler use it to his advantages.

7.1.1. media invention of credit during the 1920s the invention of credit had made a big hit in the banks what most consumers did not know was that every they used credit, in reality they were creating red scare 1920s debt was piling up consumers had a dead line to pay the officer loans most of which realized that they could not pay off so people started to take

7.2. ww2

8. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

8.1. world war 1

8.1.1. Forming Allies can draw the country into a broader conflict

8.1.2. When the Us is involved in world affairs to a larger extant.. It is hard to be neutral if a major conflict break out

8.2. ww2

8.2.1. Holocaust afrter ww1 , the world didn't learn its lesson, which led to similar caused of ww2. but after ww2, things changed ww2 the atomic bomb after it went off had did not tension blt the solvent union and us we learned that sacrifice is just as important as battle.

8.3. treaty of Versailles

8.3.1. the tov was put in place to punish Germany, but the punishments were to harsh which allows soemoone like hiter to rise to power in a desperate time. spread of communism cold war People were accusing people for being an communist . It stated getting really intense people would get fired and it would make Americans even more fearful of its self even though there was no such thing as a communist.